Public House of Naples to the Rescue!

Kate and I work for a video production company based out of Naples, FL, but we live and play in Fort Myers -- which is about a 45 minute drive home from the office everyday... during the summer. During the winter, when the snow birds from the Midwest and Northeast migrate to Southwest Florida it's... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Fort Myers Brewing Co.

As soon as humans began settling into villages, towns, and cities beer became essential to the equation. With growing populations living in shrinking swaths of land, people had to learn to tolerate each other more than ever. Beer helped. That is the thing about beer. You don't need something to watch, to do, or to... Continue Reading →

Episode 13: Black Panther & Hawaiian Lion

Black Panther is one of the most thought provoking movies we have ever seen. We discuss the cast, crew, plot, and what we would do with an unlimited amount of resources. Also, we dig into the brewery behind a deliciously sweet beer called Hawaiian Lion. Join us in the Crafthouse for lucky episode number 13!

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