A Quiet Place & Red Hook IPA

My wife is a beast. To start our Saturday, we headed around the block to our home box, HYTE CrossFit for the "Cops v CrossFitters" event. Kate competed with a friend while I was volunteering as a judge. Awesome event, great cause, and Kate kicked ass in her very first RX (elite division) competition. It... Continue Reading →

Godless: Jeff Fucking Daniels

As I have been waiting a long time for a show like MINDHUNTER, I have also really been long awaiting a gritty, violent, character driven western series.  Netflix has delivered again.  GODLESS is a phenomenal series that is fueled by a well-executed vision from the creatives and the actors that were involved.  Jeff Daniels.  Jeff... Continue Reading →


Viceland is my new favorite Roku channel. I remember watching and loving Vice on HBO a few years ago and for whatever reason it fell off my radar. They have a very hip, edgy style -- sort of like the adult version of MTV. One of there shows is called Beerland, which is what led... Continue Reading →

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