Godless: Jeff Fucking Daniels

As I have been waiting a long time for a show like MINDHUNTER, I have also really been long awaiting a gritty, violent, character driven western series.  Netflix has delivered again.  GODLESS is a phenomenal series that is fueled by a well-executed vision from the creatives and the actors that were involved.  Jeff Daniels.  Jeff... Continue Reading →

India Pale Ale: Love’m or Hate’m

The effervescent golden liquid passes over your tongue as you experience a deep, comforting, malty sweetness. Suddenly, it transforms into a bright, earthy, springlike sensation that awakens your senses in a beautiful balancing act of flawless flavor. Or, you take a sip of beer and the bitterness makes you cringe in disgust. You reach for... Continue Reading →

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