Episode 15: Veronica & Unholy

Matt & Kate are back! This episode they talk about a Netflix movie that is being promoted as the scariest film of all time and drink a beer that can only be described as blasphemy in a bottle.   

Getting Ready for Ready Player One

It is one week before Ernest Cline's Ready Player One makes it onto the big screen and I couldn't be more excited. Reviews have begun to trickle in. Saw @readyplayerone last night & been thinking about it all day. It’s pretty magical moviemaking - Spielberg reminding us all that he created the blueprint for breathtaking blockbusters.... Continue Reading →

Public House of Naples to the Rescue!

Kate and I work for a video production company based out of Naples, FL, but we live and play in Fort Myers -- which is about a 45 minute drive home from the office everyday... during the summer. During the winter, when the snow birds from the Midwest and Northeast migrate to Southwest Florida it's... Continue Reading →

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