Cigar City Brewing Company

Beer is great. Beer is awesome. Not a lot of bad talk comes from drinking beers unless you overdue it, which at times, happens. When I graduated college and got a job, I started to make enough money to actually buy GOOD beer. Everyone's definition of GOOD is different. Good to some people is...

Episode 16: Ready Player One & The Wizard Wit

In Kate & Matt's triumphant return to the microphone, they discuss their experience seeing Steven Spielberg's READY PLAYER ONE as well as a special wheat beer brewed with Belgian ingredients by a brewery that has its own limited membership "secret society," The Wizard Wit by Barrel of Monks.

A Quiet Place & Red Hook IPA

My wife is a beast. To start our Saturday, we headed around the block to our home box, HYTE CrossFit for the "Cops v CrossFitters" event. Kate competed with a friend while I was volunteering as a judge. Awesome event, great cause, and Kate kicked ass in her very first RX (elite division) competition. It... Continue Reading →

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