KD’s Debut in Brooklyn, Battle of LA and More

Tonight marks the start of the 2020-2021 NBA Season and we have some juicy games ahead of us tonight. KD and the Nets will be facing off against Steph and the Warriors and the Lakeshow will be taking on the Clippers in the late window, which is of course a battle of the heavyweights. Everyone has been officially warned that KD is in his final form and I am for one, scared of what he is about to do this season. Barring an injury, KD is about to wreak havoc on the league and he has a pretty good partner in crime in Kyrie Irving… That is a scary duo and if they both stay healthy, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone if they make a deep run in the postseason. But will Kyrie burn enough sage to negate the negative vibes that he so desperately tries to escape? And will he be woke enough to feed KD the ball on every possession? We ask the important questions here.

This should be a fun year all together. We have the return of LBJ and AD with a new supporting cast that some would argue is an upgrade as they bring in the 6th man himself and the runner up for the same award. We got Giannis returning with a BAG. The Heat possibly making a few more moves before they ultimately find themselves in the thick of things again. The Clippers have a chip on their shoulder… or do they? Strange team to figure out but if PG gets going this year then they will be scary as well. Jokic and Murray are going to take another step forward and D Book has a new point guard to help facilitate between him and Ayton. The Mavericks and the Pelicans are going to be fun to watch this year with their young core and youthful momentum. Luka might be my pick for MVP and I might also have a man crush, still working out some feelings… Brandon Ingram should have his best season yet as he continues to grow mentally and physically. Then of course we have the Celtics, Grizzlies, Warriors, Rockets, Blazers and the rest of the teams that will hang around for a while until they inevitably get trounced by the juggernauts. Just a lot of potential for this to be a very, very interesting year. The Lakeshow still should be the favorites to win it all as I think AD will take yet another step forward with his game if that is even possible.

Tonight we jump right back into it with two great games to get the blood pumpin’ for us NBA fans. Then we have our Christmas Day games with LBJ taking on the young prodigy Luka. The Pels take on the Heat, Clippers and Nuggs, Nets and Celtics and the Dubs and Bucks. All hail holiday sports! Doesn’t get much better. Can’t wait to crack a nice cold Teddy Brewski and enjoy the show.

The Lakers will be receiving their rings tonight, so tune in if you need more proof that LBJ is the GOAT. And now that I have my MJ fans triggered, thanks for reading, happy fuggin’ holidays and be nice to each other.

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