Baseball ‘Insiders’ and ‘Analysts’ are annoying

I’m going to go on a little rant really quick so I apologize if I come off a little aggressive. Do you want to know the most bullshit job in all of sports is? Read the title. There’s no other sport that I follow more than baseball so I’ll stick to my experiences and things I’ve seen within the baseball universe. These insiders and analysts that cover baseball are some of the most childish, unprofessional people to ever cover the game. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t all bad and most of them are respectable at the very least, but there isn’t a day that goes by where an analyst doesn’t post something for the sole purpose of likes and retweets. A couple of prime examples happened recently.

A few days ago some random guy from a random baseball media outlet stirred shit up on Twitter when he said that the Cincinnati Red’s ace, Luis Castillo, was traded to the New York Yankees. I’m not going to mention his name or his media outlet because that would be giving him exactly what he wanted; attention, clicks, and notoriety. To make things worse, an ‘MLB Insider’, Hector Gomez, shared this guy’s fake news to his 78.8k followers on Twitter. This caused a whirlwind on social media as everyone was speculating what the deal looked like. Yankees twitter practically started to plan the World Series parade. Then, another ‘MLB Insider’ by the name of Jeff Passan (you may have heard of him) tweeted this:

Well said, Passan. I’ll be sure to remember that for next time. After this roast by Jeff, the original insider that reported the trade back pedaled and stated what he said was lost in translation (he’s Venezuelan). He apparently meant that the Yankees had decided to go after Castillo and TRY to acquire him, but in reality there was no real deal. Sure buddy, that’s you meant. I hope enjoyed the 15 minutes of Twitter fame you irrelevant asshole. The Reds’ GM also made an official statement that Luis Castillo was staying put in Cincinnati.

Fast forward to today and give it up for the Blue Jays. After losing out on DJ LeMahieu, they went and got the next best thing, George Springer. They also signed a much needed bullpen piece, Kirby Yates. But then, reports emerged this morning that Toronto also signed Michael Brantley to a 3-year deal. This time, the “news” came from random, anonymous Blue Jays fan twitter account who had a ‘source’. Once again, Twitter explodes with potential lineup guesses and edited jersey photos of Brantley. Famous ‘MLB Insider’, Ken Rosenthal’s source confirmed that the deal was done and was indeed for 3 years. Looks to me that all of these ‘Insiders’ had the same bogus source. Turns out, that was fake too! Where does it end with these beat reporters and insiders? They need to chill out and relax. Being first to report something on Twitter means literally nothing. No one is keeping score. Knock it off.

What does it even mean to be an ‘insider’ or ‘analyst’? They are doing no more than I am when it comes to consuming what is going on in the world of MLB and I write blogs for practically nobody and they have tens of thousands of followers, it’s insane. Take MLB Insider, Jon Heyman, for example. I love picking on him because he is one of the worst offenders out there. This guy does nothing but regurgitate the same bullshit over and over again during the offseason and near the trade deadline. He is king of saying something that has absolutely no substance or meaning.

This was known for weeks.
Long way of saying ‘no update’.
Yea, no shit.

Rant over.

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