NFL Wildcard Weekend Preview

Let me start by saying that my family and I root for three teams. My dad’s side of the family lives in Ohio, my mom was born and raised in Wisconsin and my brother and I have lived in Florida our whole lives. If you would have told me that the Bucs, Browns and Packers would all have a chance to win the Super Bowl in 2021 I would tell you to stop playing with my emotions because we have been through enough… The Packers have been the silver lining for us but being a Bucs and a Browns fan has been as rough as it gets. The Bucs have not been relevant since our historic 2002 season and I don’t think I need to remind you about the Browns history… So now that all of our families teams are in it and looking good, I am on cloud 10. Yes 10, not 9. I would also like to note that I picked Buffalo and Tampa in the Bowl before the season… So yeah.

So what do we have to look forward to this weekend? A whole fucking lot. This years playoffs have the feel that anything can happen. Of course the Chiefs are favored, as they should be, but it is my belief that ANYONE can take it home this year. Except the Football Team… Sorry Washington but TB12 is going to do GOAT things this Saturday night and you will feel the wrath of our stacked offense while you get stuffed by our very improved defense. I am getting ahead of myself. Lets look at what is ahead.

For the early window on Saturday, we have Ol’ Man Rivers and the Colts taking on the surging Buffalo Bills. The step forward that Josh Allen took this year is INSANE. His accuracy and efficiency last year had people thinking he could end up being an actual bust… Boy has he turned around that narrative. He is slinging the ball like a mad man and feeding Stefon Diggs all the way to a receiving title. No one predicted that and I mean no one. The Colts look like a truly solid team and ended up passing expectations as well but I do believe the Bills take care of business. Bills win 32-20.

Next up we have a division matchup between the Rams and the Hawks. Russell Wilson is no longer cooking and Goff has a busted thumb. This has the looks of a low scoring, defensive centered game that should end up being close. The Hawks defense has improved in the latter half of the season and the Rams have The Hulk himself rushing the quarterback in Aaron Donald. If the Rams can keep the pressure up, they have a chance but Russ is scary in the postseason. This one should be tight but I am taking the Seahawks in this one. 22-16.

TAMPA, FLORIDA – NOVEMBER 08: Antonio Brown #81 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers warms up before the game against the New Orleans Saints at Raymond James Stadium on November 08, 2020 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

My Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in the playoffs. They also have Tom Brady, Gronk and Antonio Brown… What is 2020? It is a new year though and Brady has that look in his eye. Washington will be outmatched but they do have a bad, bad man on their defensive line looking to take the GOAT down. If I had any worry at all about this game, it is that we struggle against teams with good D Lines. Although, I do not think the WFT offense will be able to put up many points, if any against our stout defense. Brady will take the Bucs to the next round and begin to frighten the the rest of the league. Bucs win 24-10.

Then we dive into our Sunday games with a nice lineup of matchups as well. We begin with a rematch from last year with the Ravens taking on the Titans. This should be a shootout and one of the more exciting games on the docket. Lamar is looking for revenge and he may very well get it. The Titans are a really solid team but their defense has been shredded recently and I think Dobbins and Hollywood Brown have a day. King Henry can only do so much and he might not get the opportunities he needs as they will most likely be playing from behind unless they start hot. This is a tough one but I am taking the Ravens, 28-23.

The Chicago Bears snuck their way into the postseason as Trubiscuits actually played decent football to end the regular season. I still think the Saints roll in this one, as most would expect. Michael Thomas and AK should be back and they should handle this game fairly easily. The only hope the Bears have is if the Mack Truck can get a couple strip sacks and give Mitch the ball with good field possession multiple times. I will take the Saints over the Bears by a score of 24-14.

DAWG CHECK. In true Cleveland fashion, nothing is currently going our way as Stefanski has COVID and won’t be able to be there with his team Sunday night. Really just a shitty situation. The positive outlook would be that the team will rally in his absence and play with a chip on their shoulder… if we didn’t have enough chips already. The matchup should be a good one though and might prove to be a real back and forth battle between division rivals. Big Ben will be back and Juju will be dancing. Baker is playing with an attitude since that tragic loss to the Jets and will look to seize the opportunity. Anyone else have chills? I am taking the Browns 32-27 in primetime. DAWG CHECK.

There you have it folks. The full slate of games begins first thing Saturday afternoon and we officially have a full weekend of NFL Football to look forward to. I am pumped and you should be too. Let me know if you think I fucked my picks up or if you agree and understand that I am much smarter than all the so-called “analysts” or “experts” or whatever you call em… Thanks for reading and be nice to each other.

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