Loads of Second Basemen


Depending on what load we’re talking about, this could go a lot of different ways. I’ll stick to baseball though. So far we have had Brian Dozier, Daniel Murphy, and Jed Lowrie now all scooped up. My dumb brain thought the market was dry a few days ago? We’re talking Sahara Desert/all of my friends savings accounts dry. Was I wrong? Maybe. Does it happen often? No.

Friday, the Yankees and second baseman D.J LeMahieu agreed to a two year deal worth $24 million. Last season LeMahieu slashed .276/.321/.428 along with 147 hits, 15 home runs, five steals, 32 doubles through 128 games. LeMahieu has always had the knack to put good wood 😉 on the ball and make solid contact and that was on full display during the 2016 season that saw him hit a league leading .348 with 11 home runs and steals. The biggest question mark on LeMaheiu is how he will perform away from Colorado. As everyone knows, and if you don’t you’re welcome, but Coors Field is the haven for hitters. Guys like Larry Walker, pitcher Mike Hampton, and Willy Taveras all have gotten shit from the baseball world because people think it “inflates” your numbers. While yes, it proabably is true and unfortunately the next causality in that group that i just made up is Mr. D.J. LeMaheiu.

LeMaheiu, unfortunately, has some stats to back it up. Last year, at HOME at Coors Field, he hit .317 with 90 hits with four home runs. AWAY from Coors Field LaMaheiu hit .229 with 57 hits, and oddly enough, 11 home runs AWAY from Coors Field. Fucking weird. But there is one thing that numbers do NOT do, and that is lie. The good thing for LaMaheiu is that he is moving to the other most hitter friendly park in all of baseball: Yankee Stadium.

Another little tidbit that was weird about this signing, is that the Yankees already have a full infield. Miguel Andujar is at third, Gleyber Torres at second, Didi Gregorius at short when he’s healthy, and they just signed Troy Tulowitzki to also fill in until Didi gets back. There’s always the possibility of a trade at the deadline for a starter down the stretch, but for now, we will see how they decide to go about this little situation. There are obviously worse problems to have, but this will be something nice to monitor until the season starts.

The Mets did the same shit with signing Jed Lowrie. The Mets had Jeff McNeil penciled in as their everyday second baseman after a great season after getting his call up from the minors, they then traded for Robinson Cano, and THEN SIGN Jed Lowire. Now, I love Jed Lowrie. I think he is one of the most underrated players in baseball, except he has yet to stay healthy for a consecutive amount of seasons to show the world what he can do on a consistent basis. Todd Frazier still has one more year left on his two year deal with the Mets, horrible signing BTW (by the way), hopefully he can play well in the first half so they can get rid of him. Amed Rosario is the shortstop of the future for the Mets and finally started to show signs of life with his bat during the second half of the season. So basically what I’m tying to say is, i don’t fucking understand the Mets way of thinking, but who cares what I think right?

In the end it doesn’t even matter, shout out to Linkin Park.  If you don’t listen to that song every single time you wake up to start your day, you’re doing life wrong. With the signing of LeMahieu, us baseball nerds have a situation to monitor and things to keep our minds off of real life things. Don’t forget about Jed Lowrie either people, or Eric Hanhold or Joey Krehbiel. Dudes are going to be GREAT.

JD Sig


  1. I don’t understand why the Yankees went and got this many infielders and not go hard after Machado. I know he wants a lot of money and until we see the final contract who knows how much he’ll actually get but all the reports say both the Phillies and White Sox are hovering at 7 years, 200-250 mill. Is Machado not worth it?? He’s not 30 years old, he’s 26 thats primetime. Also, Daniel “The Dad-bod” Murphy got the same contract as DJ so I feel as though the Yankees missed out on a great time.


    • Not too sure on why the Jankees went out and got another infielder. Maybe he is more of a sex toy and handsome and they’re using him for different purposes than baseball. Machado is a weird case man. In my opinion they aren’t doing that because they’re preparing for all their homegrown young crop to start arbitration and they prob plan on buying out their arbitration years and paying them and getting a fedw players instead of spending $250 million for one. Murph is more valuable in my opinion. But more risky due to his past. Referring to injuries. I predict D Murph to ball out.

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