Down Go the Boys’


As I predicted, the Dallas Cowboys showed up to Cali and left their swag back at Jerry World.  It’s as if Dak crawls into a hole once they leave the state of Texas and forgets how to nut up.  I’ve seen him clutch games in the end may times but he has no deep ball game and lacks the balls to even attempt one.  He does throw dimes here and there and has the potential to make the big dance one day but he needs to be more consistent on the road.

The Rams were just too tough at home and for some reason C.J. Anderson had a field day going for over 100 yards on the ground.  The Cowboys defense let them down and let King Goffrey do enough to grant the Rams a chance at royalty next weekend.  It is still hilarious how this team was led by Jeff Fisher just a few years ago.

I still very much enjoy watching the Cowboy train come to a crashing, disastrous hault every year because as a Bucs fan, thats all we have at the moment.  But Bruce, Byron and Bowles might be just what we need down here in the Bay.

Be nice to each other.

Nick Sig


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