Bull Doziering the NL East


As I’m writing this, I just wanted to let everyone know I’m enjoying a beer. Yes, a humble brag of me being over 21, but a necessary one. Along with me enjoying my beer, I notice two things impacting my life ATM. (At the moment)

One being that $3 pints is a great idea for any brewery one or two times a week, and another thing that caught my eye like a hawk when it sees a tweny little mouse is that the Nationals had a sneaky little move today to try and fuck over the Braves. Thursday, the Washington Nationals signed second baseman and former Minnesota Twin Brian Dozier to a one year $9 million contract.

The Nationals still won’t beat the Braves, but competition is always nice. This moves makes Dozier probably the third best 2nd baseman in the NL East aside from the great Ozzie Albies and Robinson Cano of the New York Mets. Last season Dozier ended the year playing 151 games between the Twins and Dodgers slashing an oddly weak .215/.305/391 but had his usual counting stats of 21 home runs. 72 RBI’s, 81 runs, and 12 steals. Dozier is just two years removed from his 42 home run season that he also stole 18 bases in and slashed .268/.340/.546– .886 OPS and one year removed from his 34 home run season that he also posted 93 RBI’s, 16 steals, and 106 runs with a slash line of .271/.359/.498. Dozier is only going to be 32 in this upcoming season, which is not yet old in the baseball community.

Even with his down season he had last year, Dozier is still poised for a bounceback campaign. Dozier still has it. 2018 he must’ve been cursed by some random baseball god or some ghost/demon in a bloodline that he doesn’t even know existed in his family but decided to choose the most successful person in the Dozier family to hurt this year. Not physically of course, but you get it. Maybe he’s done and last year was the beginning of the end, but a guy as talented as Dozier, I predict a bounce back year. If you play fantasy baseball, he is a good buy low candidate.

With the addition of Dozier the up the middle combination of him and Trea Turner should look nice if the chemistry is there. I’m not too sure how the lineup will look but once Bryce Harper signs with or without the Nats, we should have a pretty good idea of what is to come.

The Nationals, just like every year, will be overrated heading into the season with a nice looking roster. What people this day and age have a hard time understanding is that, just like my dad would say, they’re all playing for second place behind the Atlanta Braves (John’s a Mets fan so he would say Mets, get it? he’s such a funny guy). Overall though, the Nationals signing Dozier after losing Murphy to the Rockies so he can get high all the time was a huge pickup. Every year they don’t win the NL East, probably every year, they will keep spending money on these free agents until one time they win. Then they will start the rebuild. Not everyone can do a rebuild like the Braves baby! let’s go Braves!

P.S- Joey Khreibal of the Diamondbacks is a great guy and will be a beast one day. So will Eric Hanhold of the Mets will also become a beast. I’m both of their personal trainers.

JD Sig

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