Sorry to Bother You: Wolf on Wall Street Meets Pootie Tang


My wife Kate and I recently signed up for Movie Pass. For those of you who don’t know, here is how it works: you pay $10 a month and can see as many movies as you want. The only restrictions are that you can’t see the same movie twice and if it is a big movie on an opening weekend it may be surging (which adds a $3-4 dollar fee). For a couple who spends upwards of $75 a month on movie tickets, it is a dream come true.IMG_2600
For our first movie with our Movie Passes, we saw Sorry to Bother You directed by Boots Riley. If that name rings a bell, it is because Boots was a well-known rapper before getting behind the camera.


The movie was interesting — and I don’t mean interesting in the way your friend’s new tattoo is interesting — I mean fascinating, deep, mind-blowing, unique, fresh, interesting.

At the very least, it is a breath of fresh air. At most, it is an innovative and thought-provoking¬†chef d’oeuvre.

The confidence of the direction and acting that underlies the absurdity of this film lends a sense of importance to the cartoonish visuals and bat shit crazy story-line. You know you are watching something created by someone who is trying to say something.

It will take multiple viewings and long discussions before this movie has its full impact on audiences, but for now — before I can explain why it is a stroke of genius — I am just going to conclude with the basics: I was entertained, I was intellectually stimulated, and it stuck with me long after I left the theater.

For me, that is enough.


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