Kawhi to the North: Pop’s Revenge

What happens when you make it known to the world that you want to go play in sunny LA and abandon the Popovich dynasty?  He sends your ass to another fucking country.  Kawhi Leonard has been moved to the Toronto Raptors in exchange for DeMar DeRozan along with a few other moving pieces and the league is once again shaken up in a fairly significant way.  Maybe not Kawhi to the Lakers big, but big nonetheless.

This has to be the most comical development as a result of all of the bullshit that has been going down in San Antonio.  Pop once again proves that he is a complete savage and shops his star player to Canada amidst all of the Los Angeles talk.

How does this affect the league?  I believe it makes the East a bit more interesting as long as he stays healthy and Toronto can offer him some stability and maybe a jacket.  I do not think it is a total game changer.  The Celtics will still come out on top unless Kyrie’s knees give out on him yet again or if the Sixers can pull out a late playoff run with all of their future stars.  But overall, this is just a temporary landing spot for Kawhi, as I believe he will find his way to LA eventually.  Pop just wanted to make him freeze his balls off up north until that day comes.

Be nice to each other.

Nick Sig

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