Saying Goodbye to a Cowboy Great, DeMarco Murray

The NFL world was hit with some tragic news Friday July 13th that former Cowboy great Demarco Murray has decided to call it quits. After a 4 year career at Oklahoma where he holds records for all purpose yards with 6,718 yards, touchdowns with 65, and the all time record for reception yards for a running back with 1,571. The Cowboys drafted Murray in the 3rd round 71st overall draft pick and what a great choice the Cowboys made.

Although he only played 4 years with the Cowboys, for 2 of the 4 years he was elected to the pro bowl, rushing for 897 yards as a rookie with only 2 touchdowns. He was hurt the next year, 2012, and only played 10 games and rushed for an almost career low 663 (he had 659 his last year in Tennessee) and then he flipped a switch. Healthy as ever, and with an improving offensive line in Dallas, in 2013 he rushed for 1,121 and 9 touchdowns while adding a reception touchdown and 350 more yards through the air. With that performance, he earned his first trip to the pro bowl.

And then the year 2014 came around and the stars aligned. Murray rushed for a league leading 1,845 yards while also adding a league leading 13 rushing TD’s PLUS leading the league in yards from scrimmage with 2,261. Unbelievable. Of course, he was rewarded for his accomplishments earning his 2nd trip to the pro bowl and most importantly, he earned his first and only all pro election. Even after that magnificent year, the fucking Cowboys still didn’t make the playoffs for some dumbass reason which still pisses me off today. So in 2015 the Cowboys didn’t resign him and he went to the lowly Philadelphia Eagles and didn’t have the best year, probably because the Cowboys o-line is going down as one of the best in history but i’ll talk about that another time. He had some what of a resurgent year with the Tennessee Titans in 2016 earning his last and final pro bowl while rushing for 1,287 yards and 9 TD’s.

Unfortunately in 2017 he was resorted back to backup duties with Derrick Henry taking over later in the season. Murray could have 100% stayed in the league for a couple more years as a backup making occasional starts when the starter needs a break, but obviously he decided it was not worth it.

Murray ends his career with a total of 7,174 yards, 55 total TD’s (49 rushing, six receiving) for three teams, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Tennessee. Go Cowboys.

JD Sig

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