Underwater: Trailer


There is over 80% of the ocean left unexplored and that is being generous.  Does that not fuck with you like it does me?  We are so early in the stages of human development/exploration to the point where we don’t know shit about something that covers 70% of our planet.  Reason why this trailer has my full attention.  The initial thought that came to my head while viewing this for the first time was missed opportunities.  Missed opportunities for filmmakers all over the world.  The ocean is as scary as anything in existence or fantasy.  There is a reason Jaws is one of the most successful films of all time and that is just scratching the surface.  Shark movies have run their course for the most part for me, so we need to start diving into some deeper aspects of the ocean/horror genre.  See what I did there?  Grant you, the budget was no joke for this film at 80 mill, as it is difficult to pull something like this off production wise.

Underwater will be an early 2020 release at January 10th.  It should be a spectacle at the least, but it looks like it has the potential to be pretty damn good.  The possibilities are endless so that at a base level, has me pumped.

Here is the official trailer.  Enjoy.

Nick Sig

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