Fortnite: Season X


If you are like me or any one of my friends, Fortnite has been a big part of the reason we all get together to game these days.  I am patiently awaiting a few games later this year that will most likely dethrone Fortnite, but for the time being, this game is still on top and flourishing.  The first 9 seasons have all brought unique changes to the map and some pretty dope events that no other company has been able to pull off in the history of gaming.  The monster and mech fight that just took place has to be one of the coolest things we have ever seen.  But now it is time to focus on tomorrow, which will bring us the 10th season and a few more changes to the map and the meta itself.

The trailer has officially dropped and it hints at a few things… Number 1 is of course that Dusty Depot is back.  I never landed at Dusty when it was in it’s prime but I know how much it means to the community so that gets me hyped.  The old factories look to be coming back as well but I feel that is far from everything we should expect.  Cough cough, bring back Tilted Towers…

So here is the official promo for Season X.  Take a look and try to pick out all the easter eggs, because there is a lot.

Nick Sig

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