For the Love of the Weed


So Browns rookie wide receiver, Antonio Callaway loves weed. It’s evident due to his prior history. He was cited for possession of marijuana in May 2017. Then he failed a drug test at the scouting combine. And just when you thought he would have learned his lesson, he struck again. On August 5th of this year, he got cited for weed AGAIN. Usually the third strike and you’re out. But it’s just weed. And he just can’t stop smoking. So instead of suspending him or whatever the punishment for getting caught with pot is, Hue Jackson took a different approach.

The citation was stupid. The cop saw a “small amount” of weed underneath the driver seat. Although, Callaway might’ve been stupider being out at 2:59 A.M. and getting pulled over for “failing to yield for oncoming traffic” according to the police report. Either way, it was an avoidable situation. I think about it like this:

  1. Who smokes in their car anymore? What’s the point when he probably has a huge house with hisĀ $717,856 signing bonus, and not to mention hisĀ $3,177,856 contract he signed after he was drafted. So questionable all together.
  2. I understand he’s 21 and young, but how does he not understand that nothing good happens that late into the night? I mean, he probably could have been at his girls house, doin his thang. But still, why not spend the night? Why drive that late? Now I want to know where he was coming from.
  3. Most importantly, at least he wasn’t drinking and driving. That is what the Browns should be happy about. Out of all the stupid things he did or was doing, he wasn’t drunk. So maybe he matched with a girl on tinder.

So what did Mr. 1-31 do as punishment? He made Antonio Callaway play a whole pre-season game…. as punishment. Now, as a rookie, I feel like you would almost embrace a lot of playing time during the preseason to show what you got. Hue Jackson said Callaway asked to come out of the game a few times, to which he was denied, and said that it was part of the punishment. Should we question Hue or Callaway’s durability? Probably just too many blunts for Callaway. So we’re questioning Huey.


I’m having a hard time considering this punishment. Is hue Jackson a father? If so, how does he punish his children? Make them go play basketball with friends? Go to the beach and play football? Play Fortnite until you fall asleep? I don’t get it. You think a suspension would be coming or something like that to prove to him that this can’t happen here. Especially considering it becoming some sort of habit. Nope. Instead he let Callaway prove himself and burn a shit ton of calories in the process. Getting caught with weed I guess isn’t too bad.

I hope Antonio Callaway learned his lesson. Because who knows what his next punishment could be. Having to stay hydrated all day?

BTW- When Antonio Callaway got caught at the combine for “failing” his test, he diluted it. Meaning he drank a shit ton of water and pissed water instead of having weed show up in his piss. Classic move. As Stephan A. Smith says:



JD Sig

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