A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’


Lagunitas brewing company was founded in 1993 in no other than Lagunitas, California. Here’s the video in their “About” section that gives us a little idea of what they’re about:

Cool story, cool dude, great beer. Their slogan is “beer speaks people mumble.” I love that. It lets you interpret that how YOU understand it. If you pick up any of their cases of beer, you can see personality all over the box. Even on the bottle! just super cool and enjoyable all around.

My all-time favorite two beers are Jai Alai and a Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ ale. I have just found my love out for this beer.  And I’m happy to explain it.  It’s almost like when you wake up after a rough Monday-Sunday night and your mouth is dry as hell, and you take your first sip of water, and it’s like you have never tasted something so refreshing before.

The Lagunitas website describes it as:

“This special ale is something fairly new under the sun. It’s got a lot of wheat, it’s rich with hops, it finishes dry. We’ve watched with some amusement as the internet beer rating sites argues over how to ‘classify’ it. We’re in the camp with Japhy Ryder when he declares to Ray Smith that “Comparisons are odious!” You ever notice how everything has to be today’s version of yesterday’s whatever. Well, whatever. Sometimes we wonder what the world would be like if everything was perceived for what it is, and not what it reminds you of. The sun would rise everyday as if for the first time, you’d wake as if newly born, you’d see your lover next to you anew, the air would smell like flowers, work would be like the first day back in school, a beer would make your eyes roll back in your head in ecstasy… well, maybe not… but you get the idea…”

Did you get that? basically just the first sentence gives you a hint as to what the flavors actually are. But you really can’t compare this beer. When they say the word “dry” to describe a beer, it’s almost like they’re saying “fresh” to me. It’s not overly bitter, and finishes very nice in your mouth ;). In a world of IPA’s now, and people not liking or understanding the bitter taste, this beer will get you attached. It is easier to drink than you would think. It’s good for any time of the day and anything you’re doing. Whether you’re kayaking, hiking, relaxing, or watching the Braves play, you cannot go wrong. The alcohol percentage is a healthy 7.5% and the IBU’s (internal bitterness unit) is 64.2. Meaning it is not going to have your mouth freaking out resulting in you making a weird face. It is refreshing.

This company has a different way of looking at the world. They promote minds running free, interpreting the world how you see it, and enjoying a nice beer when you get a chance. Check out all the other beers from Lagunitas when you are in your local grocery store or whatever place you’re at that sells beer.They have a number of beers for many different pallets. You have my word, that if you indulge in a Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ ale, it will not be your worst choice of the day.


JD Sig

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