Hot Seat: Ken Rosenthal, ESPN

Unreal. No respect.  For the past week/week and a half, Manny Machado has been non-stop bothered about his future. The man cannot go a day without being asked about what the next step in life will entail for him. Why does he keep getting bothered? NO ONE KNOWS. How annoying would it be with someone following you around at your job asking, “Hey do you know what you’re getting into tomorrow”? All while you don’t have the slightest clue. Machado is asked the same question probably 2-3 times a day minimum. How would you feel answering the same question the same exact way, asked by a reporter, different ways?

Tuesday, during the 6th inning ESPN’s Ken Rosenthal interviewed Machado during the game. Yes, it is very dumb that this shit still happens but it’s all about entertainment and this is what the fans at home love. Anyways, Rosenthal asked 3 or 4 questions. All had to do with what Machado was doing in the future. This is all during an all-star game. This is a moment in this man’s life where he is supposed to have some time of clarity and relaxation. Some time to get away from all the bullshit. Look what happens. He can’t get away from it at a time where, during his schedule/life, he can forget everything and just worry about baseball. Nope, ESPN doesn’t allow that type of life. ESPN wants to be the first one on the inside scoop making sure players can’t enjoy these moments. It’s alright though, Manny Machado made it through the day going 0-2 and hanging out with guys he never gets to hangout with. Maybe pick their brains and become a better player than he already is.

Now, a lot of people who don’t make a lot of money, including myself, say “Why does a guy that makes multi millions of dollars complain about answering questions?” I think there are answers to both sides.

One side being: It IS a big deal he complains and gives shitty answers. Well to side with those closed minded people, yes. The man makes and will make more money than any of us in our whole entire lives combined and a question that takes up 120 seconds of his time isn’t a big deal. Yes he should answer it respectfully.

But, with the other side of the argument, that I agree with, he shouldn’t be thought of differently as he answers these annoying ass repetitive questions. Just because he makes more money than a shit ton of people in this world currently and in the rest of their lives, does NOT mean that he isn’t human. Think of it this way; Someone comes into your place of work everyday for 2 weeks straight. Asked you a question that is COMPLETELY  out of your control. but within those 2 weeks, they ask it a different way 100 times and you have to sit there, without losing your cool and answer it calm, cool, and collective. Yes it seems simple, but how would you feel someone bugging you before you go into work and after. Having to waste your time telling the person who asked the same question 2 minutes ago the same exact answer you said in front of that person that just asked that question. It’s fucking annoying and repetitive and will continue for the rest of our existence until the media eventually just becomes a joke and a mockery.

In the end, Machado is the one who really wins. He’s the one that’s gonna get paid and possibly even win a championship. Not fucking ESPN trying to take players out of the moment they’re trying to enjoy by putting them under the pressure of the camera. Shoving it in their face during the one week, out of their 180 DAY season,  where they can be themselves and just relax. I hope ESPN is the last fucking sports network that finds out about the trade and gets zero credit.

BTW- The American League won 8-6

JD Sig


  1. I completely agree with your opinion on this. You should always carry yourself in a professional manner when you have the platform of a professional athlete, but I couldn’t imagine being followed around at work all day being asked the same question in different iterations. ESPN will always be a popular news outlet and you and I both give them hours of our time, but Machado is 100 P the real MVP in the situation.


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