Big Storm Brewing: Beer, Sports, & Star Wars

Big Storm Brewing has given me a whole new reason to head back to Tampa. I recently visited their brewery in Trinity, FL with my wife Kate, my Mom & my Dad. Speaking of “Trinity,” we picked the perfect night to visit because my own personal holy trinity of fun was happening — all at once: good beer, a playoff hockey game featuring our home town team, the Tampa Bay Lightning, and just in case that wasn’t enough; it was May the 4th, Star Wars day, so they were having Star Wars trivia night. Needless to say, I was in heaven.

We all decided to start out with a Doheny’s Irish Stout Nitro except Kate, who ordered a Huracan Imperial stout which clocked in at a whopping 11.4% ABV. The Nitros were delicious and creamy. The Huracan tasted like a glass of cold brew spiked with vodka. After warming our cheeks, we broke out the Yahtzee game.

To me, this is what the brewery experience is all about. It’s more communal. Instead of a dark seedy bar where everyone sits and stares at the TV — it’s open, it’s bright, and everyone is playing games, high fiving when the lightning score, and yes, even dressing as Jedi and playing Star Wars Trivia.

After warming our cheeks with some deliciously dark beers we decided to get a flight.

The hipster was a very solid standard tasting New England style IPA. The Meteor Sour tasted exactly like a Warhead. The Sage was amazing — a strange combination of chocolate and chili peppers that really worked. Last and least was the Swinging Stone Scotch Ale, which may be for some, but was a bit too leathery for me.

Overall, it was a night to remember at a great brewery that I highly recommend and will be revisiting every time I head back to Tampa to see the parents. Plus, it didn’t hurt that the lightning pulled out the win in overtime.

Go bolts.

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