The Crafthouse Cookbook: Grilled Pizza

This one comes from Poppa Romary.

You’ll need: Pizza crust, sauce, toppings, oil, and a grill.

Step 1: Fire up the grill. Stack about 15 to 25 pieces of charcoal in a pile — I try to make it into a pyramid — then light it. If you aren’t using a charcoal grill then you’re on your own because charcoal’s all I know. Let it burn until it starts to turn grey.  Spread them out in a single layer.


Step 2: Brush the top of the pizza with oil. You can do it while waiting for the charcoal to burn.


Step 3: Char the top of you pizza. Let the charcoal essentially toast the top.


Step 4: Dress the pizza. Put on your sauce and toppings. This part is completely up to you. We went with some bacon and onion. For mine, I cooked the bacon, then caramelized half of a red (it’s purple) onion in the bacon grease then mixed the two together. I put this mix on top of the sauce, then some shaved parmesan and ricotta on top of that, then the second half of the red (it’s purple) onion mixed with some chives on top of that (because purple and green go well together).

Step 5: Spread the coals to the outer rim and grill your pizza. You want to give your ingredients time to mix and melt and take a nice smoke bath while your crust crispens. If you feel your ingredients are ready, but the coals have cooled too much to char your crust from the outer rim, kick some back under the pizza to finish it off.


Step 6: Evaluate. Decide what you could do better. Grilling is an art form and the more you do a dish the more nuances you will pick up.

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