The Great British Baking Show: Why I’m Obsessed with Finding a Local Bakery

Ok, so I’m already obsessed with sweets. Anyone who knows me knows that food is priority one. I mean two! It’s priority two behind my husband (looks around real quick to see if anyone noticed). I’ve never been really big on watching food shows though. Like I’ve seen plenty of episodes of Hells Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Food Network Star, Chopped…so I guess I have, BUT I mean I’ve never been obsessed with food shows. I’d rather eat it then watch people make it, you know.


dessert gif

Recently Matt and I were talking to some friends about our favorite shows to binge, and of course we said The Office, because Michael Scott, duh. Their answer threw me for a loop: The Great British Baking Show. WHAT? Like you guys like to sit down and watch British people like…make cakes? I thought they were crazy. Then another friend of mine said the same thing and I thought, “you know what? Maybe they’re both crazy.” And I didn’t really think about it again UNTIL Matt decided to play it one night during dinner, just to “see what the fuss was about.”


Guys , I’m OBSESSED. It’s so interesting to see the different style of their reality TV vs. reality TV in the US. First, it’s genuine. Everyone seems to be just like honest and decent. Second, there’s no drama outside of “hey that girls cake didn’t rise.” Unlike Masterchef, where in the same situation they would keep cutting to Gordon Ramsay just shaking his head and saying “oh dear, it’s a complete fucking disaster” (Please read this in his British accent).


Third, I’m like learning things about cake. I pretty much feel like I could bake anything, like a cake super hero. It’s the same sort of mastery I have of modern medicine after watching hours and hours of Grey’s Anatomy and ER. Basically I can do surgery now, in case you didn’t know. Like way better than how George fucked up his first appendectomy (you gotta pull up on them purse strings without ripping the cecum or whatever (RIP George)).


But seriously, I highly recommend this show. I’m probably not the first person who has said this to you either, which means I might just be the reason you go watch it. If not, whatever, I’m not trying to twist your arm about this, I just think it could really benefit your life in ways you wouldn’t expect, that’s all.

luis gif

Anyway, after watching two and a half seasons of it on Netflix, Matt and I decided we absolutely had to go get some freaking baked goods. I mean, you can’t watch that many hours of cakes and breads and not want to munch on some biscuits and tarts. So we did a google search of the area and it turns out we’re kind of in a real bakery dead zone. We do have on French Bakery called Mon Paris and they had the best Quiche I’ve ever had in my entire life. I also probably ate a chocolate croissant. It was so good. And now I’m pretty sure we’re going to be visiting this place rather frequently.

The take away today boys and girls is: Watch The Great British Baking Show and support a local business. Also in the words of Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc, “BAKE!”

bake gif

❤ Kate

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