Avengers: Infinity War’s Not So Mixed Reviews

According to RottenTomatoes the first reactions to Avengers: Infinity War is a mixed bag, giving their article the headline: AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR BUZZ: IT’S THRILLING, BUT IT’S A LOT OF MOVIE

This feels misleading. The “critiques” are hardly critiques. Basically they are, “…whoa that’s a lot of shit to happen for only one movie,” and, “…whoa that was only half of a complete movie.”

First of all, in regards to the latter, this movie is only part one of two, inherently coming with the risk of an unsatisfactory, cliff-hanging ending — but according to critics that’s not the case — in fact, the ending created quite a stir.

I rarely get overly excited about super hero movies, I kind of know what to expect at this point, but the sheer scope of this particular undertaking is too insane to not be overly excited — right? I mean, It’s difficult to imagine this many stars in one movie; it’s going to make Ocean’s 13 look like Ocean’s 12. Marvel is claiming there are 64 main characters!

Sixty. Fucking. Four.

To say that a lot happens… well… ya, no shit Sherlock. By the way speaking of Sherlock, there are two of them in this movie.

In summary, I am officially deeming it safe to start getting excited about Avengers: Infinity War. It hits theaters April 27th.

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