Does Money Ever Stop? Let’s Ask the NFL

With the NFL still doing business, it has been kind of crazy for the past two days. One thing has been made very clear; Covid-19 cannot and will not stop teams from spending money of the players they want.

So far some of the major transactions that have gone down are:

-DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals (trade)
-David Johnson to the Houston Texans (trade)
-Stefon Diggs to Buffalo Bills (trade)
-Shaq Lawson to the Miami Dolphins (3 years, $30 million)
-Austin Hooper to the Cleveland Browns (4 years, $44 million)
-Amari Cooper re-signs with Dallas Cowboys (5 years, 100 million)
-Arik Armstead re-signed with San Francisco 49ers (5 years, $85 million)
-Jason Pierre-Paul re-signed with Tampa Bay Bucs (2 years, $27 million)
-Jack Conklin signs with Cleveland Browns (3 years, $42 million)
-Case Keenum signs with the Cleveland Browns (3 years, $18 million)
-Cory Littlton signs with Las Vegas Raiders (3 years, $36 million)
-Marcus Marriota signs with Tennessee Titans
-Drew Brees re-signs with New Orleans Saints (2 years, $50 million)
-Randall Cobb signs with Houston Texans (3 years, $27 million)
-Terry Bridgewater signs with Carolina Panthers (3 years, $60 million)
-Kyle Van Noy signs with Miami Dolphins (4 years, $51 million)
-Byron Jones signs with Miami Dolphins (5 years, $82.5 million)
-Joe Schobert signs with Jacksonville Jaguars (5 years, $54 million)
-Javon Hargrave signs with Philadelphia Eagles for 3 years, $39 million)


So yeah, not a lot at all. Complete shit show going on in the NFL now that the cap was set at $198.2 million per team. Giving teams like the Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Bucs, Houston Texans, and Cleveland Browns more than $60 million to work with. Substantial amount of money with all these NFL contracts now offering more guaranteed money to players than ever before.

Image result for deandre hopkins

The DeAndre Hopkins trade to the Arizona Cardinals might have been a felony. Not sure who okayed Bill O’ Brien to do that trade and it seems that someone caught Bill O’ Brien while he was on a binger or had a few too many beers/bottles of wine. Whoever caught him at that right moment in time, i tip my cap to you. DeAndre Hopkins and a fourth round draft pick for David Johnson, who had one great year, and a second round pick. No idea how David Johnson and a second round pick equal one of the top four wideouts in the game but hey, that’s why I’m not an NFL GM yet. Cardinal fans are rejoicing while Texans fans are crying and hoping Johnson regains some of that magic he had four years ago. Seems like a long shot but you never know if the mans got some gas left in the tank.

Another name not on that long list of signings so far is the GOAT himself, Tom Brady. Brady, just today, announced he will not be returning to the New England Patriots for the first time in his illustrious 20 year career. Another monumental moment in his career and there also seems to be a little bit of chatter that he could be potentially be in talks with the Tampa Bay Bucs. The move to the Bucs would be very strange for many reasons but I will eventually get to that in a separate blog since I know everyone is waiting to hear my opinion.

2020 in the sports world has become a complete shit show and the new NFL cap space has only made things a bit more crazy. Not a bad thing though, as the sports world is in a bit of a lull at the moment and this sure did stir up some conversation. Much more for the future as we wait for more signings. Stay tuned.


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