Nationals Defy Odds and Take Home 2019 World Series

We are back ladies and gentleman! I ran into some trouble with my bookie, lost a few bets, had to leave the country, go under an alias for a while but I am back better than ever!

What a few months it has been to end the baseball season. Now starts the most boring time for sports fans because everyone loves baseball so much. The dreadful next 2.5-3 months is going to rough or as exciting as the first snow of the winter.

As we know, the Astros are cheaters and took an L to the Washington Nationals led by the one and only Dave Martinez. Shout out Clearwater Cyclones and Renegades. If you know, you know. Anyways, it was a great series that went all seven games and it was the first time in MLB history that every game won was on the road. Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, just coming from a sports perspective, the odds of that happening as very rare.

We had Stephen Strasburg finally win a World Series with the team he was drafted by 10 years ago when he went 1-1 in the 2009 MLB draft. We got to see the unsung veteran Howie Kendrick knock out the Dodgers with his game clinching grand slam in the NLDS whilst watching playoff Clayton Kershaw keep that stigma alive, unfortunately.

Shit happens and life moves. I’m sure Kershaw is just fine sitting in his LA mansion (if he lives in California) eating and doing whatever the hell he wants with his $31 million salary he earned this yr. Throw a couple bucks my way if you don’t mind I could really use some extra money.

Anyways, just wanted to let all 10 people that read this that I am alive and ready to try and start grinding again. I have a lot of news to catch up on an inform the ones who read this about.

Enjoy the holidays and make sure someone starts a petition to get Toys R’ Us back in business. RIP.

JD Sig

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  1. Great to have you back man we missed you! I was rooting for the Astros this year, but honestly the Nats were truly something special. Hats off to them! Looking forward to next season shit’s gonna be wild!!


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