Davis Demolishes Not Getting Hits. Breaks MLB Hitless Streak Record, Sadly


chris davisYou hate to see it. You really do.

Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles, the man who once had a monster season where he slashed .286/.370/.634– 1.004 OPS while leading the American League in home runs and RBI’s with 53 and 138. It had to be an anomaly as the next season the real Chris Davis stood up and he was back to his normal slash line of .196/.300/.404.

The best and most interesting part of Chris Davis’ career, that I vouch for him and will always vouch for him, is when he got suspended for his addy addiction. It was a bit bullshit that he got suspended for a “drug” that is prescribed to children across the United States but it didn’t help him hit the ball better. Or did it? Chris Davis has yet to repeat that crazy season and hasn’t even come close to it. I say give the addy back to him and let him be as aware and strung out as possible on the field but for some reason the MLB is being a dick about it.

ANYWAYS, the real reason for the blog about the addy king himself is unfortunately on the wrong side of baseball history. Last night, Chris Davis broke the MLB record for the most hit less at bats in a row by going 0-49 dating back to last season. Like I said, you hate to see it but holy shit how the hell did that happen. Davis broke the record previously held by former big leaguer Eugenio Velez who went 0-46 between the 2010-2011 seasons. There was a bit of bad luck for Davis last night when on one of his at bats he hit line shot to right field that had an exit velocity of 103.5 mph. You can’t win em all but i really do want to know what Chris Davis did in his past life or in this life to deserve this shit. No one deserves this and he has been a professional about everything since his decline after that beautiful 2013 season. Mostly catching heat because of the huge contract he signed for $161 million over seven years with the Orioles after he hit 159 home runs over a span of four years from 2012-2015.

From 2016-2018 Davis has slashed .202/.298/.397– .695 OPS with 80 home runs, 194 RBI’s, 606 K’s, and 190 walks. Those averages add up to 27 home runs, 65 RBI’s, 63 walks and a whopping 202 strikeouts a season. Poor guy. Chris, if you’re reading, I’m with you and will support you. At least you’re making a shit ton of money and can just say fuck it. But, i understand it’s your job and you want to perform well. Like everybody. I don’t know you, yet, but you’re my boy blue.

All in all, morale of the story is give the man back his fucking addy. It’s not a big deal if he’s laser focused. I’m sure there are other guys in the league doing the same shit or something close in comparison, but let the man live his damn life. Right now, Davis is 0-28 to start out the new year and hopefully that first hit will come here soon. For now, keep grinding world and stay positive.

JD Sig

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