Ol’ Huey Jackson Wore Out His Welcome


3-36-1. Most coaches wouldn’t make it out of their first season by going 1-15. Could things get worse? You bet. Ol’ Huey went 0-16 the next season. Jackson was one of the lucky ones for some reason. Not sure if we can use the word lucky for his situation, getting blessed to be able to be the head football coach for the Cleveland Browns, but he was lucky to make it this long.

Yes, he didn’t have the most talented roster. Yes, they played in Cleveland Ohio. And Yes, the weather sucks. But, excuses do not fly in the football world and they will be quick to pull the plug. Even with Huey getting two of his three wins in THREE seasons during this season, he did not display enough potential for general manager John Dorsey to keep him hanging around.

This season the Browns are 2-5-1. To their credit, they have been very competitive in every game up until the last few minutes of the game, they just seem to not be able to put it away. Is that Hue Jackson’s fault? Probably not. Could he have said something motivational to maybe push them through the last few minutes? Maybe. Were they still terrible? Best believe it.

What we do know, is Hue is lucky to even make it as long as he did. And since the firing, Jackson has come out with some questionable quotes since the firing. Let’s look at this one coming from an interview on ESPN.

“They made a choice that they think was best for the organization and football team. I’ve already come out and said I think it was a little premature. I have to respect their wishes. ” Said Jackson.

Little premature, huh? So he didn’t think that ONE win, literally ONE solo dolo win was his fault for two seasons. Premature might not be the best word choice there. But hey, at least he respects their wishes. While being disgruntled. I mean, he had to know his seat was hotter than hell after the first two seasons, and now all of the sudden reality hits him and he doesn’t understand. Well, Hue, we the people don’t understand you lasting as long as you did. But, we’re proud.

Hue had an interview with Cleveland.com’s Mary Cabot and unleashed more golden quotes.

Jackson said, and I quote, that he would’ve “turned the offense around”  but he wasn’t “given the opportunity to display what I could do as a play-caller with a much more talented offensive roster.”

He’s probably right, somewhat, about the roster being a little depleted of talent. But, John Dorsey went out of his way this off-season and acquired wide receiver Jarvis Landry. Went out and got a capable quarterback for once with Tyrod Taylor. Who ended up getting replaced by Baker Mayfield anyways. Corey Coleman kind of definitely sucked, which hurt. Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson (who is still underutilized) were not a bad combo in the backfield. Antonio Callaway isn’t the smartest man but he is showing he is good at football. So, it wasn’t all bad for the offense. They just had Todd Haley running the offense and he’s kind of a dick. All in all, it could have been worse and Jackson might just be making up excuses at this point. That surely can’t be helping him.

So as we approach Sunday, There will be a new leader at the helm in Cleveland, which is former defensive coordinator Greg Williams. Williams, in an interview with Cleveland.com’s Mary Kay Cabot told her:

“Since I left Buffalo, I had 11 letters to interview for [head-coaching] jobs, four of them didn’t even have to interview, just show up and sign the contract,” Said Williams.

So, he had an opportunity to coach four NFL football teams without having to interview for the position but he didn’t take it? Sounds confusing. I don’t know him personally so i can’t call him a liar. But, that might a stretch of the truth to say the least. Whatever helps him sleep at night.

Williams coached the Buffalo Bills from 2001-2003 and generated a record of 17-31. So he has experience, just not very successful. Who knows, maybe this Sunday will be a whole turn of events for Cleveland and Williams can ride into the sunset and rebuild his resume as a great head coach instead of the mastermind behind the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal they were running from 2009-2011. A lot of weird shit tends to happen in Cleveland sports. Maybe the dim light that has been shadowing over Cleveland for so long will finally get a new bulb and shine a bright, positive beam of light into the Cleveland Browns that they so desperately need.

P.S.- If anyone should have gotten that head coaching job, it should have been the beast running the offensive line; Bob Fucking Wylie baby. Dude is a legend now that he has gotten a little camera time. He’s about the only thing shining bright in Cleveland.


JD Sig

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