Xbox Came to Play This Time

You might of heard the news through leaks that Microsoft’s new consoles, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, are to be released in mid-November. After these leaks took social media by storm, Miscrosoft said ‘fuck it’ and confirmed the leaks by making the following post on Twitter:

For Xbox, this is huge. They broke their own norm of only having one console version at launch which allows them to provide a more affordable version. But at the same time, they have another version that packs a big punch in terms of power and graphic fidelity. Obviously, there are big differences between the two, see below:

Screenshot taken from The Verge

To break this down a little bit, the Series S is not as robust as the Series X, can only display 1440p @60fps, and doesn’t come with a disk drive. For a lot of people, maybe even the majority of people, the Series S will be the console of choice (assuming they’ve settled on getting an Xbox). The ‘casual’ gamer these days doesn’t necessarily rely on 4k gaming and most likely buys all of his/her games digitally anyway so the Series S is perfect. If you couple the Series S with Xbox Game Pass, you got yourself a very affordable way to play a lot of games.

Speaking about Xbox Game Pass, Xbox made another huge announcement just a day after revealing the new consoles. Sometime during this holiday season, EA Play is being added to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no additional cost. So for just $15 a month, Ultimate Pass subscribers will be able to access over 100 games from Xbox and over an additional 60 games from EA that includes FIFA, Madden, Battlefield, the SIMS, Need for Speed, Star Wars Battlefront, and more. This is by far the biggest and best bang for your buck deal in gaming right now.

Microsoft has really made a push to win this year’s console war. They might not have the exclusives that Playstation has, but they have done the best that they could do in terms of providing it’s customers with as many options as possible with the most important feature front and center: affordability.

Now with Xbox blinking first, however, this might give Playstation an advantage because now they know what their direct competitor is offering and it gives them time to to decide how they want to announce and market their new hardware and services. As of yet, there have been no credible leaks from them so stay tuned! We are just getting started!

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