2020 Fantasy Football MVP’s

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA – NOVEMBER 03: Christian McCaffrey #22 of the Carolina Panthers runs with the ball in the second quarter during their game against the Tennessee Titans at Bank of America Stadium on November 03, 2019 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)

Football is back… Let me say that one more time. Football is fucking back. 2020 continues to amaze and warp all senses of reality as it seams like we could be living in the end times with all the shit that is going on today. We are living through a global pandemic, the West Coast is literally burning, racial tension is dividing people when it should be bringing us together and to top it all off, we are in the middle of a presidential election that is as polarizing as any other in our history. I refuse to talk politics but let me say I am extremely disappointed with the way our country is handling the challenges we are facing. Now is the time we need people of all races, backgrounds and morals to come together and fight for the HUMAN race as a whole, because in the end we are all fucking human. Crazy logic huh?

Now that I got that quick rant out, let’s talk one of my favorite escapes from reality with fantasy football. Fantasy football has a special place in my heart for the simple reason that it brings people together in a competitive and fun atmosphere to play for money, bragging rights or both. For a simple yet complex game, it sure does bring together family, old friends, new friends, coworkers and communities of all kinds so that we can collectively escape from the real world and talk shit about who manages there fake team of football superstars better. It is a beautiful thing.

2020 will be an interesting year to say the least but nonetheless we have football. With fantasy football growing and growing every year, it is important to at least do a decent amount of research because if you aren’t, someone else is. And they are going to kick your ass and take your money. These Fantasy MVP’s are picked because of value. Attempting to not be obvious with my picks, I wanted to find some values that may or may not surprise you. CMC, Barkley and players like that will obviously help you win your league, but this is not valuable information because the are the clear 1 and 2 in mostly all drafts. With that being said let’s jump right into it. Here are my fantasy MVP’s for the 2020 season.

10.) Joe Burrow

Joe Bureaux is coming off the most historic quarterback collegiate season of all time. He has the appropriate amount of hype going into 2020 but I want to double down on the Bengals QB. I am a true believer in his talent and his maturity as a thrower and reader of defenses. It is usually a tall task to be thrown into the fire in year one but he was actually blessed with the team he has around him. AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, John Ross, Tee Higgins and Auden Tate are all extremely capable WR’s with a ton of upside. Not to mention Joe Mixon just got PAID and is due for a true breakout season. The O-Line is a concern as always but it should definitely be better than last year. Joe Burrow is basically free at the end of drafts and I think he returns value better than any rookie quarterback in NFL history.

9.) D.J. Moore

Moore had a very impressive sophomore season with almost 1,200 receiving yards and 4 TD’s. I believe he at least doubles those TD numbers this year and catapults himself into that next tier of NFL wide receivers. He provides great value as he is going in the 3rd-5th round of most drafts. He has an upgraded quarterback with a horrendous defense so that all equals more passing and higher fantasy numbers. I am all in.

8.) D.J. Chark Jr.

The other D.J. has a similar opportunity in front of him as he looks to improve off a breakout season last year. With another horrible defense in Duval, the passing game will be the focus of this team and Gardner motherfucking Minshew will take a step forward this year as well. I like Chark as another mid-draft value as he provides the upside of a WR1 and may just help you win your league.

7.) Josh Allen

I have been up and down on Allen but ultimately decided his talent is that of a true anomaly. If he betters himself as a throwing quarterback this year, then watch out. He has the upside to put up Lamar Jackson like numbers especially with the addition of Stefon Diggs. Look for the Bills to be a serious Super Bowl contender this year with Josh Allen leading the way.

6.) Jonathon Taylor

This is one of those freakish athletes who just don’t come around that often. Taylor was an absolute monster in Wisconsin and has the opportunity to take over this job sooner than later. It may take a few weeks but I believe the Colts will lean on him heavily with the nasty O-Line that they have. Marlon Mack is a stud too but Taylor has that X Factor that Mack does not have. J-Tay offers a ton of upside at his current ADP.

5.) Josh Jacobs

I am a big fan of this dude. He has the backfield basically to himself along with just Jalen Richard but all this talk of getting him more involved in the passing game has me feeling some type of way. He low key had a dominant rookie season and almost went under the radar. He has the ability and opportunity to finish as a top 5 RB in 2020 no doubt in my mind. If the stays healthy, he is going to get absolutely fed this year.

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 15: Josh Jacobs #28 of the Oakland Raiders warms up prior to the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at RingCentral Coliseum on September 15, 2019 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)

4.) Clyde Edwards-Helaire

The Fresh Prince of Helaire has the most RB friendly opportunity in front of him. The defending champs are looking to repeat and they have all the same pieces returning along with a few more weapons. CEH is one of them. He was a stud at LSU and has the makings of a true rookie breakout season. The passing work is the main reason why. Mahomes will be looking his way early and often and I think that translates into a top 10 RB easily. It may take a week or two but stay patient and he should return value.

3.) Calvin Ridley

Another one of “My Guys” this year is the Ridler himself. Julio is still currently the number 1 in Atlanta but there will be enough passing volume in the ATL to go around. Calvin Ridley is a true athletic freak and will eventually take over as the number 1 for this team. Everyone is asking for this years Chris Godwin? Well look no further. Ridley should be looking at his first 1,000 yard receiving year along with a generous amount of TD’s to go along with it. Draft him as your WR2 and watch your team be carried on his back.

ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 29: Calvin Ridley #18 of the Atlanta Falcons looks on prior to the game against the Tennessee Titans at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on September 29, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

2.) Kyler Murray

Kyler is my NFL MVP pick this year. He had a crazy good rookie year considering the circumstances and will look to take that next step this year with one of the best supporting casts in the league. They absolutely stole D Hop from Houston and have Kenyan Drake returning in the backfield. The Cardinals should be very pass heavy this year and Kyler has the speed and legs to have a Lamar Jackson like season ahead of him. I think Kyler has a chance to end up as top 3 QB alongside Lamar and Mahomes.

1.) Joe Mixon

There are a lot of “mixed” opinions on Mixon this year. See what I did there? The Mixon administration has all arrows pointing up this year in my opinion. The offense as a whole will be taking a step forward and I think this Bengals team will surprise a lot of people this year. They won’t win the division but they have a chance to give some very good teams a run for their money. Mixon should be the main benefactor from all of this. A better offense means more scoring opportunities and Joey Mixon is again, one of those freak athletes that just needs the right amount of work and supporting cast to end up a top 5 RB in 2020. This may be the year he does just that. I am taking him everywhere I can in this years drafts and think he is safer than most people believe.

And there you have it, no one asked but I delivered. Let’s check back on this article in 2021 and see if I completely embarrassed myself, or have the looks of a true fantasy analyst. Either way, this stuff is fun to talk about and I wish you all the best of luck in kicking your leagues ass with my help!

Thanks for reading and be nice to each other.

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