The Best Team That Never Plays Together

The injury bug has once again infested the Yankee clubhouse and there is no exterminator in sight. I can’t tell you the last time the Yankees had a roster at full strength. I define ‘full strength’ as the starting nine in the field, full rotation, and all middle to late inning relievers. I have accepted the fact that in today’s game, there will always be someone on the IL, but the Yankees have really lowered my standards for what I expect out of a team health-wise. As I write this on 8/28, we are still awaiting the decision of whether or not Judge will go back on the IL but here is the list of injured Yankees:

  1. Aaron Judge (Calf)
  2. Giancarlo Stanton (Hamstring)
  3. DJ LeMahieu (Thumb)
  4. Gleyber Torres (Hamstring & Quad)
  5. Zack Britton (Hamstring)
  6. James Paxton (forearm)
  7. Luis Severino (Tommy John)
  8. Tommy Kahnle (Tommy John)
  9. Kyle Higashioka (Oblique)
  10. Luis Avilan (Shoulder)

Ten. Ten fucking players on the IL. Four from our starting nine, two from the rotation, two late-inning relievers, a middle reliever, and the backup catcher. I have no words to express the frustration I’m feeling as fan. To have so much talent (proven or otherwise) on a team but then never really get to see it in action has to be worse than just having a bad team. At least when the team is just bad, you know it and can accept it and look forward to better days.

After a similar, injury-plagued 2019 season, the Yankees overhauled their strength and conditioning staff by hiring Eric Cressey who’s a “celebrity in the world of performance coaching.” Well…. where the fuck is Eric? We have guys pulling hammies and calves left and right and there’s nothing to be said about it? Maybe there’s nothing that can be done. Maybe the Yankees got extremely unlucky and amassed a collection of fragile babies.

Another thing that I’ve been hearing is when a player goes down, they are quoted on saying that they’re “frustrated” or “upset.” YOU’RE FRUSTRATED?! How about the fans that pay your fucking salary just so you can sit the bench because you “felt tight.”

While I’m down this rabbit-hole, I’m going to take a shot at the golden boy. Aaron Judge. The next captain. Derek Jeter reincarnate. Shut your fucking mouth. You are the face of this team whether you are on the IL or not. Don’t complain about being put on the IL and then take yourself out of your first game back. I don’t give a shit how many homeruns you hit in 2017, it’s 2020 and you haven’t been around long enough to complain about ANYTHING. Especially with an organization that has treated you like the second coming of Jesus Christ. And if things don’t change soon, I’ll fly to New York myself to dismantle the Judge’s Chambers if it means that we avoid paying out the ass for a long-term contract. I still love you and want you to win us a championship, but UNTIL THEN, you are as expendable and trade-able as anyone else.

Rant over.

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