TGII to ATL and Much More

This NFL offseason has been a spicy one to say the least. TB12 to TB is a real thing that actually happened and us Bucs fans are still trying to figure out how the fuck that actually happened. As if 2020 wasn’t weird enough yet. Tom Brady will now be throwing to the monster WR duo of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin… and possibly Antonio Brown…? Imagine.

Melvin Gordon has been one of the biggest question marks heading into free agency as he is coming off of a bizarre 2019 holdout that didn’t seem to accomplish anything except pissing off fantasy owners. Now he has been sifting his way through the NFL for an opportunity to showcase why he was such a high draft pick and how he still has a lot left in the tank. On a side note, look for Austin Ekeler to be a monster fantasy asset in the 2020 season… If we make it there. Melvin Gordon however, has indeed found himself a home and he will be facing his former team twice a year as he has not left the division. MG and the Denver Broncos have agreed on a two-year, $16 million, $13.5 million guaranteed contract. This somewhat surprised me as the Broncos have had a nice one-two punch with Philip Lindsay and Rolls Royce Freeman. Royce had the looks of a three down back with mad potential but lately has struggled with injury. I am interested to see how Melvin is utilized in this offense as it is almost guaranteed to be a RBBC. Look for Melvin to go a few rounds later in the fantasy drafts this season as the Broncos are not known for using a bellcow.

That brings us to the Atlanta Falcons, who just released their ex-star RB, Devonta Freeman. They have now found their hometown hero in Todd Gurley II. The Rams dropped TGII like a sack of potatoes and the ATL saw an opening to bring him home. It is a 1 year contract worth $5 million. Quite the step down for a dude who in 2019, was the highest paid RB in the NFL. Of course, the knees play a huge factor as he is clearly on the downslope of his short lived NFL career. He still has the juice but can he last an entire season? My initial thought is no, but he can still clearly be effective and useful in the ATL. I am also pumped to see the new Falcons uni’s, as they have always had one of the better looks in the NFL. My prediction is that Gurley goes around where he went in last years fantasy drafts, in the 3rd or 4th round. There is high risk and obviously high reward.

There has been a lot of movement going on in the NFL, and with the shit show going on in our world right now, there is no shortage of news. Stay tuned for updates and shit talking.

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