Candyman: Trailer

Anything with Jordan Peele’s name attached gets my attention these days as his production company “Monkeypaw Productions” has a new film coming out this summer and it looks pretty fucking good. The trailer most definitely gave off Get Out and Us vibes so I can’t wait to see this. Candyman is written by Jordan Peele and Win Rosenfield. Nia DaCosta directs and has a writing credit as well. Labeled a “spiritual sequel to the 1992 original”, Candyman is looking to capitalize under the new horror wave that as graciously blessed the film industry in the past five years or so.

It looks like this will have some of that Jordan Peele humility and humor to go along with the gruesome story line so that is promising to the overall theme of Candyman. That balance is hard to find and Jordan Peele seems to have found the sweet spot with his other work. With some of the best up and coming talent involved, I believe this will be a hit within the horror/thriller film community. Don’t just take my word for it though, check out the trailer and let us know what you think.

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