The Movies I’m Looking Forward to for the Rest of 2020

I wouldn’t say that I’m a movie snob but I find enjoyment in picking apart films that I don’t necessarily find interesting. For me, it’s the little things and attention to detail that earn my respect and love. Basically, I think I’m hot shit when I find inconsistencies and plot holes in movies that I’m not supposed think too hard about. With that said, it makes it somewhat difficult for me to get excited about upcoming movies if I’m uninterested or even uneducated. So when I sincerely look forward to a movie, it’s because I’m into that shit and dig what it’s about. The following are my personal 2020 favorites for 2/26 on…

A Quiet Place Part II – (March 20)

This is your classic ‘apocalypse-monster’ thriller flick that follows a somewhat likable family trying to survive. There is nothing special about the plot or the characters or even the monsters. The monster has hyper-sensitive hearing but cannot see, thus plunging the human race into a silent world. What is special to me about Part I was the actual experience while sitting in the theater. I would say for about 80% of the movie, there was hardly any noise and when there was, it made it that much more dramatic. Part II seems to explore the events before and after Part I and that’s okay to me because John Krasinski is awesome. Go to a movie theater to watch this because sitting at home does not compare.

No Time To Die – (April 8)

This will be Daniel Craig’s last appearance as the MI6 agent, James Bond. While most 007 movies are a bit bland to me, I have to sit back and appreciate the hard work that Craig has done for the character over the years. If you aren’t that interested in the plot or character that is James Bond, at least go to see the action scenes as they are always top notch.

Spiral – (May 15)

First and foremost, my boy Nick Romary wrote an article on this movie that you should check out here. Chris Rock steps out of his element to introduce a new chapter in the Saw universe. Not much is known about the events that are to unfold during the film but expect there to be twists and very creative, chaotic, gruesome traps involved.

Wonder Woman 1984 – (June 5)

Two words: Gal Gadot. Her first crack at the character was a major hit and a bright spot in the troubled DC Cinematic Universe. I expect her to bring the same magic and flesh out the character even more. This movie should also give us some more insight on the direction of the DCCU after the flop that was Justice League. The only thing that I’m not looking forward to is the rebirth of Chris Pine’s character, Steve Trevor. He supposedly died in the first movie but ‘Oh hey look, he’s alive!’ Ugh.

The King’s Man – (September 18)

The Kingsman movies are nothing but fun, silly, sometimes gory action films that focus on a secret society of protectors. Nothing more, nothing less. These movies have a knack for getting you to love their characters. In The King’s Man, we are going to be taken back to origin of the Kingsman during the first World War and the events that lead up to it’s creation. Like the Bond films, the action is always the best in it’s class.

Eternals – (November 6)

I’m interested in this movie because it’s forcing the MCU to dive deeper into the comic book lore. This also might be the first Marvel movie to not feel like a Marvel movie because, as of right now, there’s not supposed to be any crossover between the existing films or characters. Plus, look at the cast!! Angelina Jolie, Kit Harington, Kumail Nanjiani, and Richard Madden just to name a few. There’s bound to be some great dialogue throughout the whole film.

Godzilla vs. Kong – (November 20)

So this is weak spot for me. Since I was a little kid, I’ve loved Godzilla and the rogue gallery of monsters that he gets to fuck up. The movie Godzilla: King of Monsters got pretty bad reviews but that’s just because ‘professional’ movie critics are assholes and the #1 complaint was “It needs to focus more on the characters.” Let me just say that if you went to see any Godzilla movie and expected to see a soap opera, then you went to the wrong fucking movie. When I go to a Godzilla movie, guess what, I want to see Godzilla fuck things up and that’s what that movie gave me so I was having a great time. Go see this movie for the monsters and then take your pee break when the people are just talking.

And that’s about it for me.

Marcus Anderson

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