Spiral: Trailer

What a great example of getting something you never knew you needed, but once you lay witness it all just seems right… NEVER would I have thought that I needed a Saw spinoff led by the likes of Chris Rock and Samuel Fucking L. But now that I have seen the trailer a number of times, it all just seems like it is a perfect fit. Spiral is the first spinoff of the Saw series that tackles a whole new theme and style. Clearly not gore porn, Spiral has serious Se7en vibes, and if you have not seen Se7en, drop everything and come back after.

Chris Rock looks perfect in this role and that is never something I thought I would say when it comes to a horror thriller such as this. My boy Samuel L. kills everything he touches and seems like a solid fit for this universe. Taking on a more psychological murder mystery theme, Spiral has the looks of an intense thriller with some serious potential as a great film overall. The cinematography looks well done and so far, it seems like the soundtrack is going to be dope as the trailer opens up with 21 Savage.

Here is the official trailer for Spiral, let us know what you think and if Chris Rock is going to pull this off. Thanks for reading and be nice to each other.

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