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This blog is being written with no previous knowledge of the Stephen King books unfortunately, but god damn is this series going to be good.  Jason Bateman is quickly becoming a force in the film industry after Ozark took the Netflix world by storm these past few years.  The Outsider is based on the Stephen King novel and is an incredible addition the the HBO family.  If you don’t have HBOGO, this series alone is worth the monthly fee.  The two episode premiere just got released this past Sunday and it has the looks of one of the most intense thrillers in a long time.

In a way, it is serving me well that I have no idea how this story ends because the mystery is very fascinating and the way Bateman shot this is extremely dark and well executed.  Oh yeah, Bateman directed the series as well… His acting performance is fucking great so he is just killing it on all levels… no pun intended.

The story begins with a gruesome murder of a young boy as some of these mysteries do, but this is not most mysteries.  This is a whole new beast and it has my full attention.  It is classic Stephen King and Bateman has brought it to life in a very masterful way.  The conflicting evidence that is gathered in the first two episodes will mind fuck you in a way that you may not be prepared for.  With clear evidence against Bateman’s character Terry Maitland being presented up and front, the first thought that goes through your head is clearly this mother fucker killed this kid.  But as the episode progresses you begin to question everyone and everything.  This is obviously the result of some top tier writing, which is what King is known for.

If you have yet to see the trailer, it will get you intrigued at the very least.  So here is the official trailer for The Outsider, airing every Sunday on HBO.  Enjoy and be nice to each other.

Nick Sig

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