Rays Steal Game From Blue Jays As Well As Another Utility Man As the Rays Hoard All Players That Play More Than Two Positions

So I’ve read somewhere that the NFL is sometimes considered a copycat league, based on the word “copycat” you should understand what that means. Well, the Tampa Bay Rays have taken that crown for Major League Baseball as the team that the league loves to steal ideas from. First is was their overuse of the stupid shift, then it was add every single utility player and make him play every position on the diamond except catcher or pitcher, then it was the newly caught on “opener” theory where you have a reliever start the game to only bring in the guy who SHOULD’VE started the game for the next 5-6 innings, whatever. Well, the Tampa Bay Rays for once were a follower and not a leader and decided to copy the Blue Jays from Saturday night and added their own little twist to Sunday.

Just when I was talking shit about America’s favorite baseball team, they hear me screaming through my keyboard all the way up by the Shenandoah Mountains to help me with my well being.

After a devastating loss to the Blue Jays on Saturday night where the Blue Jays came back from a large deficit to come back and overtake the Rays by a score of 10-9 in shitty fashion, the Rays decided to do a little come back of their own.

The game started off great for Tampa as they struck out in their first six plate appearances, not kidding. Aaron fucking Sanchez was shutting them down. Things got really good from there as the Rays were down 8-1 heading into the top of the 6th inning and then, magic struck. It started with a Travis D’arnaud double to cut the lead to 8-3. Then a *harmless* two out single by Nate Lowe to cut the score to 8-4 in that very same 6th inning. Then in the top of the 7th, newly found leadoff hitter, Ji Man Choi, does what he always does when he bats leadoff and dropped a two run bomb to cut the score to 9-6.

Fast forward to the top of the 8th and random signing and new found centerfielder Guillermo Heredia dropped an absolute TANK into the left field seats cutting the score to 9-8. Just like Joe Maddon used to say. Great memories. Anyways, next batter Willy Adames, another copycat, must have been watching Heredia hit and he too went yabo and tied the score in the top of the 8th. Yes, you have seen this before just from the opposing team. What a beautiful thing.

And then in the 9th inning magic struck as beloved Rays player Joey “two-piece” Wendle came up with bases loaded and crushed a high chopper to second base to score the man on third making it 10-9 and that is just where the game would stay as Diego Castillo closed out the game with two strikeouts.

It was indeed the Rays biggest comeback of the year and what a time for some momentum. As I mentioned in the previous blog about the Rays, they play the Boston Red Sox IN Boston and Boston is HOT at the moment. Even with their loss to the Yankees last night, Boston still has won 5 of their last six and Mookie Betts, J.D. Martinez and company seemed to be firing on all cylinders. Not a good look for the Rays. With the win over Toronto, the Rays moved up half a game in front of the Red Sox in the division AND in the Wild Card. Still back 8.5 to the Yankees in the division but within striking distance if they can go on a little roll here these next two weeks. Just trying to stay optimistic over here.

In other Rays news, the Rays traded for their 900th utility man in Eric Sogard who was actually in the dugout across the field from them during their Sunday matinee game. Sogard is having himself a career year with the Blue Jays this year slashing .300/.363/.477 with an already career high in home runs with 10 that comes with six stolen bases (career high is 11), 17 doubles, 30 RBI, while playing second, third, short, left field and right field. The Rays love these guys. With a team full of them, I’m sure he will fit right in and be utilized just like every other person on the team besides the first baseman. Gotta love the Rays. Stay tuned on Tuesday as the Rays and Red Sox battle in a huge series that could tilt these teams in the right direction, or right back down to hangout with the Blue Jays and Orioles. Thank you.

JD Sig

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