With the MLB Trade Deadline Approaching, Here Are Some Names To Look Out For

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MLB’s trade deadline is one of the more exciting trade deadlines in sports. We can embrace debate about it but baseball has so many more players in their organization than the NBA or NFL. Love the NHL and I think there are like 5 separate leagues so I assume there must be a lot more players in NHL organizations. Anyways, none of those sports are in season so I’m going to classify my previous comments are irrelevant.

With the July 31st trade deadline rapidly approaching there hasn’t been many moves done up to this moment. Let’s look at the minimal amount of trades that have taken place so far:

  • Sergio Romo, Chris Vallimont and a player to be named later traded to the Twins for Lewin Diaz
  • Jake Diekman traded to the Oakland A’s for Ismael Aquino and Darion Blanco
  • Homer Bailey traded to the Oakland A’s for Kevin Merrell

Annnnnd that’s where the list stops. Pretty boring so far if you ask me. Of course, there are many more people rumored to be traded with three days left before the waiver trade deadline comes into effect. Let’s take a look at a few names.

  • Noah Syndergaard- It looks like Syndergaard’s time in New York might be up. After looking like the teams future ace a couple seasons ago, Syndergaard has fell into a little funk this season. He is still striking people out and it looks as if his stuff is still intact, just not getting the results he needs right now which has led to the Mets selling low on him in my opinion. I fucking hate this move by the Mets. It’s either going to be him or Zack Wheeler to get traded and it looks like they think they can get more for Syndergaard at the moment. This wouldn’t be in question if former agent turned super GM, Brodie Van Wagenen, hadn’t traded away one of the games best prospects in Jared Kelenic for an aging and over priced Robinson Cano and an ineffective Edwin Diaz who both have looked a shell of their former selves this season. Syndergaard has come out and even said the ball is like gripping an ice cube on a cold night, which could be the reason for his inflated ERA and WHIP this season. The only good news right now for the Mets is Syndergaard has thrown the ball really well in his last three starts which could result in a better package, not to mention he won’t be a free agent until the 2021 season. To me, the Mets have nothing to build on except their starting rotation, Pete Alonso, and Jeff McNeil. So why not have something to build off of instead of trading away pieces just to get more aging players past their prime? Ala Todd Frazier and Jason Vargas. According to baseball nerd/legend Buster Olney, who talked shit to me when I was in high school via Twit, rival executives have said it is just a matter of time with one saying “It’s beyond listening, they want to move him.” Good luck Mets.
  • Marcus Stroman- Stroman has long believed to be leaving the Blue Jays when the Jays hadn’t approached him with a contract extension after last season. Stroman, who was a first time All-Star for the Blue Jays this year, is having his best season to date ERA and WHIP wise. With the Blue Jays going nowhere this season and a solid young core to build off of, it only makes sense to trade someone who is going to be demanding a hefty contract in the winter. Multiple teams with needed help in their rotation have been rumored to be interested from the Yankees, Padres, Dodgers and even one of the dumbest ideas I have heard in a while with the Mets “exploring” a type of three team trade that could involve Syndergaard to the Padres, Stroman somehow ending up on the Mets and I’m sure prospects going to the Blue Jays. Weird as hell and would be a HUGE L for the Mets. Stroman is almost a guarantee to be moved before the deadline on the 31st.
  • Raisel Iglesias- The Reds closer has had himself a pretty rough year so far. After a report in Spring Training that said Iglesias would be used more for two inning saves or in non-save situations, it kind of back fired and even has pissed off Iglesias for him to come out and say “You can see the other closers, they don’t pitch in tie games,” Iglesias told The Enquirer. “I’m the only one who comes in tie games and I’ve given up homers and I’m losing some games. I feel really bad. “I already have five losses, something that hasn’t happened (to anyone else) in the big leagues. Five losses in the first month of ball. That shouldn’t be like that.” So yeah, not happy. Thankfully for Iglesias and Reds fans he has picked it up a tad but has lately faltered with an ERA of 4.82 in the last 28 days. He does have a WHIP of .964 in those same 28 days so he must just be giving up bad timing home runs. All in all, Iglesias has not been the Iglesias we have known these past few years and the Reds might be in rebuild mode and could use the prospects to back an already pretty solid farm system. Maybe Iglesias needs a change of scenery and hates it in Ohio. Either way, if the Reds decide to move him, they should get back a pretty significant haul and the team that acquires him should get a pretty damn good closer in return. Should be a win-win situation for all teams involved.
  • Mychal Givens- This is as close to a definite as it should get for the trade deadline. With only a few trade candidates on the Orioles, who they could get something good in return, Givens fits that bill perfect. It might come at a bad time for the best return package for the Orioles as Givens has an ERA of 4.35, a WHIP of 1.210 and he’s given up nine home runs in 41.1 innings, but Givens still has great stuff evidenced by his 57 strikeouts in those 41.1 innings. It goes without saying the Orioles need help literally everywhere on their team including figuring out where to put Trey Mancini when he isn’t DHing. Trading Givens is a must for the Orioles as he is on a one year deal and could get something for him instead of letting him marinate in the bottom of the cellar in the AL East. Givens has pitched really well in his last 28 days showing an ERA of 1.93 with 11 strikeouts, three saves through 9.1 innings. I hope the Orioles don’t get fucked out of some decent prospects on this one.

Of course, there will be other names dealt before and after the end of the July 31st trade deadline, but those are the names that stand out to me of who will most likely get traded away. The Twins need another starter for the playoffs, the RAYS NEED STARTERS AND OR BULLPEN HELP, as well as a handful of other teams. Things should start to heat up here within these next few days so stay tuned for some deals here as the Wild Card race for both leagues is looking more sketch as the days go on.

JD Sig

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