Rays Up…. To Nothing Good

And just like that America’s favorite baseball team might have dug themselves into a hole they cannot get out of.

Yesterday the beloved Tampa Bay Rays fell to the Toronto Blue Jays in 12 innings by a score of 10-9. After going down early, the Rays battled back to score 6 in the top of the second inning after a pair of three run bombs by Willy Adames and Travis D’arnaud. After that, the Rays scored another two in the top of the third inning and one more in the top of the sixth to make that a total of 9 runs. When you see a score of 9-3 in the sixth inning, you may think this game is about over as long as the bullpen doesn’t fuck it up. Well, the Rays bullpen did indeed fuck this one up. It started with a *meaningless* home run by Brandon Drury in the bottom of the 8th inning to make the score 9-4. Easy win here for the Rays in the minds of everyone watching. Then, a Teoscar Hernandez to go back to back with Brandon Drury to make it 9-5. No worries still, right?

Then comes Oliver Drake. Who the whole internet had a the biggest woody for just last week over his dirty screwball-splitter thing that works half the time. This time Vlad Jr. said “thank you very much you one pitch superstar” and deposited a three run bomb into the left-center seats making the score 9 to fucking 8. Unreal. You know, it just wouldn’t feel right if the Rays didn’t blow a late inning lead so why not do it again? Thankfully for Rays fans, we have Colin Poche to make our wishes come true as Brandon Drury decided to have himself a 4-6 day with two home runs with his second home run tying the game 9-9 in the 9th inning. Alotta 9’s right there. The rest is a story book ending with the Rays losing another late inning game in beautiful fashion 10-9.

Can’t make this shit up. Wish I could but fuck man, when are the Rays going to understand that there magic runs out at some point. You can’t just mold together a playoff contending team with guys in the bullpen with not a lot of prior success. Granted, Jose Alvarado and Diego Castillo are nasty. However, they both had been getting ripped prior to both getting injured leaving the bullpen in disarray. I apologize, Emilio Pagan is our best reliever and when he gets hit, it doesn’t matter because he is actually legit and one of our only good options with the game on the line. But WHY ARE YOU PUTTING IN COLIN POCHE IN A ONE RUN BALL GAME WHEN EVERY GAME MATTERS?!? The Rays have now gone from competing with the Yankees for the division title to now being pushed to third place in the division and might not make it in as the Wild Card. Unfuckingbelievable.

The Rays now sit .5 games back of the second Wild Card spot at the moment. Getting swept the series before by Boston was not ideal. Neither is Boston going for a sweep of the Yankees IN BOSTON tonight with Chris Sale on the mound. Not to mention the Rays starting a three game series against Boston on Tuesday after an off-day tomorrow. I know none of the Rays give a fuck about me or my opinion but please listen to me and try and get a decent bullpen arm like Billy Beane is doing for the A’s. Or watch this season get thrown in the shitter after so much promise in the first half.

Signed, sad, hopeful Rays fan.

JD Sig

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