Who Will Be the First To Go in New York? Beauty or Beast?


The middle of summer is always a good thing and bad thing. It’s a good thing for baseball fans that actually pay attention to everything going on (yours truly) AKA fucking nerds. It’s bad because if you don’t really care for baseball, the summer months can kind of (definitely) be boring on the news end. The good thing for everyone that reads these, which I do appreciate very much, is that you have yourself a nerd on your hands to try and keep you occupied while you’re surfing the internet and the world for somethin to do.

With the All-Star break and trade deadline approaching, there are multiple people being rumored to be moved. From studs like Whit Merrifield and former stud Alex Gordon (who the Royals General Manager, Dayton Moore, insists won’t be leaving but never say never) all the way to players like Jason fuckin Vargas and Clint Frazier. Those last two names are the ones I would like to indulge in conversation with.

Jason Vargas (Beast)

This fookin’ guy. Jason Vargas went from being one of the worst pitchers in baseball last year, to making himself relevant by trying to engage in combat in the Mets locker room. And with that engagement, Vargas has indeed put himself back on the map of relevancy. It’s surely not because of his 3-3 record with an ERA of 3.66 over 13 starts and a 57/28 K/BB ratio and beautiful hair cut, it’s because he’s got that bulldog mentality. It takes massive balls to go up to a media member and let them know after they threatened HIS OWN MANAGER about his own job security that he would “knock you the fuck out”. If you haven’t found passion in anything lately, it’s probably because Vargas sucked all of that out of your life and instilled it in himself and is ready to fuckin go. Yeah, he could fall back to his own ways and he could blow it, but fuck, if the Mets had any idea on what stock is, sell high because Vargas is NOT going to peak again.

Clint Frazier (Beauty)

So uh, I feel bad for this man. Top prospect when he was drafted, almost made it to the big leagues with the Indians who probably could have used him, gets traded to the Yankees who then have some guy named Aaron Judge who hit 52 home runs as a rookie, Aaron Hicks who has reached his long yearning potential, and then out of the blue get Giancarlo Stanton. How could we forget one of the greatest Yankees of all-time and fan in Jacoby Ellsbury? Oh Yeah, that other guy who has been a Yankee for his whole career of 11 years, Brett Gardner? Am I forgetting another outfielder? Oh wait, I am, the guy who filled in for a hurt Giancarlo, Aaron Judge, AND Aaron Hicks in the beginning of the year to only go on and hit .283/.330/.513 with 11 bombs, 11 doubles, and 34 RBI’s, Clint Frazier. The man can hit and he has proved at the ripe age of 24 and he is being WASTED in the minor leagues right now for the Yankees. Unfortunately, there really is no room for him in the outfield and his fielding is suspect to say the least (.950 fielding percentage through 53 games and a -.9 dWAR) but he proved he can finally handle big league pitching and is ready for a chance.

On a bit of a decently serious note, Clint Frazier needs and probably will go to a team that is in a bit of a rebuild for an oppurtunty to prove himself as the player scouts touted years ago as a potential All-Star with loads of potential with the bat. The Yankees are and will always be in the need of starting pitching so I would look for the Yanks to go after a starter around the deadline.

As for Vargas, I have no idea who would want him. He is in the midst of a very productive year and his best since 2017, but in my opinion, he is too risky for a contender to give him the reigns and throw him in a playoff teams rotation as a 1-4 guy. The Mets needs bullpen help and some outfield help with Brandon Nimmo unfortunately going down with a back injury (thoughts and prayers for him) but the return might not be what Met fans a will be hoping for. Unless you understand it’s Jason Vargas but he is making a whopping $8 million dollars this year so I’m not sure who will want to take the remaining $4 million on for half the year. We will see.

The state of big apple has some big changes approaching them and it’ll be sad when the Mets lose the only hardo in the clubhouse and the Yankees lose a legitimate threat off the bench. In all seriousness, I really do hope Clint Frazier finds a home and can string together a few good seasons for which ever team steals him. Right now he’s just the odd man out and sometimes that’s just how life goes. As for Vargas, please don’t go to the Braves or Rays. Thank you.

JD Sig


  1. As a Yankee fan, I seriously have no idea what the they are going to do with Frazier. The way they are currently treating him by sending him down and then not recalling him when Giancarlo Fragile Stanton went on the IL again says they are gearing up to trade him while his stock is high. But then again, who the fuck is going to play left everyday next year? Stanton should start transitioning into a DH role if he wants to stretch out his career. The only reason they should trade Red Thunder is if they get TOP dollar in return. I’m talking Max at a discount or MadBum with a prospect since he’s going to want an extension. Both of those teams are not going to really compete the next couple years at least and need some young, cheap talent.


    • It’s gotta be the reason why they didn’t call him up. But then again, why not showcase a guy that can potentially net you a great return to the RIGHT team. I doubt, and I mean HIGHLY doubt they will get an arm like madbum, strasburg, scherzer, etc. but they should get someone decent. Great point with stanton. He still is prob better than frazier in the OF as of right now. Also, yankee stadium might be a little bit of a different playing field than what frazier is used too. Just making excuses for his bad fielding. Thanks for the great insight!


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