Are the Atlanta Braves Hot or Are They Hawt?


Right when you thought the Braves were done, they start another streak right after a heartbreaking lose on Saturday night.

Saturday night, Luke Jackson was once again shaky and this time couldn’t get bailed out by his team like he did on Friday night. The Braves lost 8-7 and at the same time lost there 8 game win streak that should have easily been a 9er going into Sunday.

The Braves then let the baseball world they’re not going anywhere by putting on a nice display of hitting showing the Phillies who’s boss in the National League East by beating them by a hefty score of 15-1. With that beautiful work of art, that puts the Braves up 2.5 games ahead of those same Phillies coming in with a record of 40-32 while the Phillies stand at a decent but not good enough 39-32.

The Braves are firing on all cylinders and it has been a thing of beauty to watch whether you’re a Philly fan, Mets fan, Nationals fan, and or a Tampa Bay Rays fan. Let’s look at some offensive team stats and rank it compared to the rest of the league from the past 14 days in which the Braves have gone 11-3 during that span.

Braves Team Offensive Stats Last 14 Days In Comparison With the Rest of the League:

Avg- .292 (2nd)

OBP-.375 (1st)

SLG- .557 (1st)

HR- 29 (Tied for 1st)

RBI- 98 (1st)

Runs- 102 (1st)

The only reason they were second in average is because the Rockies are animals and hit the shit out of the ball this weekend against the Padres. Still, those numbers still show you that the Braves being hot right now is an understatement. The pitching is another story that I would rather not get into right now (*cough Luke fucking Jackson cough*) but Julio Teheran has been one of baseballs best pitchers since May 1st with a microscopic ERA of .81 and it all seems to be going on at the right time. Now only if the Braves could have found a closer that wasn’t on a team before last week and that they could have signed to fill in the VACANCY at the closers position……. only if the Braves could have signed someone who had played in Atlanta and closed in Atlanta early in his career and was available up until about 10 days ago……. hmmmmm……

The Braves are baseballs hottest team right now and should be on a 10 game streak if it weren’t for Luke Jackson closing his eyes and throwing sliders down the middle instead of his mid 90’s fastball. Everything happens for a reason though, right? It kept the Braves grounded and now they are looking to start another streak coming up with a three game series against the New York Mets. Oh god, pray they don’t run into the unstoppable force and new ace, that is Jason Vargas. Thankee

JD Sig


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