Tragic Loss in The 6


They let it slip.  Kawhi gave them a solid 4th quarter with a 10-0 run but it wasn’t enough.  The Splash Bros were in full effect and shattered the dreams momentarily for the Canadians waiting to celebrate and slam champagne.  9 points in the final 2 minutes of the game sealed the deal while Kyle Lowry flubbed the game winning shot off the side of the backboard.  What happened there?  I used the word clutch to describe the way he has been playing and this is how he repays me?  Never again.

Chef Curry was struggling in the 2nd half but not when it mattered most.  The second he hit that three with a minute left, I knew that was the flood gate for the last minute comeback.  As much as I am not a fan of Steph, he is clearly the greatest shooter to ever live and he still has some good years left in him.  He will hold mostly every record in the book when it comes to three pointers and he is passing up some all time greats.  Klay was on fire from three as well and Draymond almost got booted from the game again while Drake was giving him an ear full, most likely calling him a trash can.

Kyle Lowry had a chance.  A good chance at that.  An open three in the corner to send the city of Toronto into a frenzy.  But he fucked up.  He wasn’t ready for the moment I suppose.  The Warriors did a great job to keep Kawhi from taking the shot because we all saw what happened in Game 7 against the Sixers.  Imagine if he gets a shot in Game 6 or 7 to do something like that…

As soft as I think KD truly is for that bullshit move he made, it is NEVER fun to see someone get injured playing the game they love.  Every time you see an athlete go down during an important game, you can feel the heartbreak.  They said it best last night, the locker room was silent when KD came back limping.  The moment was heavy and people were genuinely sad.  In that sense, I respect KD for putting his body on the line in order to reverse the momentum and take it back to The Bay for Game 6.  He may not be playing for a long time, but he had enough of an effect last night to give the rest of his team another shot at taking the title for the 3rd straight year.


Other than that, it was a fun game to watch and the result gives us perhaps two more games to watch go down this week.  A game 7 is inevitable in my opinion, unless Kawhi goes bonkers in The Bay, which isn’t out of the question considering he just did it twice… Game 6 is Thursday at 9 so make sure to tune in to see some good basketball.

Nick Sig


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