Kimbrel and Keuchel Both Get Their Money. Will It Pay Off?


Well, with the MLB draft out of the way, shout out to all the boys that got drafted, that meant one thing; Dallas Keuchel and Craig Kimbrel are now signed.

After waiting half the fucking year for these guys to get their money, even though they probably have like 50 sheets in the bank already, both seem to have found homes in places where I hope they want to be.

After my plea for not signing Dallas Keuchel, the Braves, as a team, pushed me to the ground, yelled at me, called me names, and then went on to ignore me and sign the guy. The Braves signed him for $13 million and will probably need a couple weeks to get up to speed. Hopefully will make one start before the All-Star game but there seems to be no rush as we just hope to have him for a late Septemeber/October run, if you know what I mean ;).

The other Scott Boar client, Craig Kimbrel decided to trade him blood red for smurf blue and went on to Chicago to help the ol’ Cubbies out. After claiming they did not have any money to sign either of these guys, the Cubs signed Kimbrel to a 3 year, $43 million contract and will obviously be first in line for saves when he gets himself up to speed and ready to go.

First off, I want to say the Braves could have done worse than signing Keuchel. I know he’s a former Cy Young Award winner, Gold Glover, All-Star I get it. He’s a great insurance policy for guys like Kevin Gausman and Foltynewicz who can’t seem to get their shit together. I mean Gausman right now has an ERA of 6.15 and a WHIP of 1.467 through 12 starts. 12!!!! His K/BB ratio could be worse as it comes in at 60/23 but my man has got to figure it out. Gausman came up clutch last season coming over from Baltimore and has the talent to be legit and lights out when he’s got his stuff working. Right now, unfortunately, that’s not the case. Foltynewicz, although has been pitching better as of late, still is coming in with an ERA of 5.89, a WHIP of 1.263 and a K/BB ratio of 37/9 through eight starts. Both pitchers are WAY better than what they are being advertised as and both are too good to stay where they’re at.

Ultimately, if the Braves have six pitchers who are firing on all cylinders, Teheran, Gausman, Folty, Soroka, Max Fried, and now Keuchel, I think it would be best to give each guy an extra day of rest and prepare them for the playoffs. Obviously because there isn’t another option and the Braves are NOT going home in Septemeber. Except to play whoever is going to lose to them in the first round. Overall, Pretty happy. Could be worse. Could have signed fuckin Luis Perdomo or Jason Vargas. Imagine that. Shit show in the making.

As for Kimbrel, the Cubs needed this. With no bonafide closer since Brandon Morrow went down last July with an elbow injury that cost him surgery, Pedro Strop has been filling in for the most part and trying his best. Although best doesn’t always equal doing great, I wouldn’t say Strop has been doing great. His ERA sit at 4.85 through 13 innings with seven total saves. Steve Cishek has been great now for 1.5 seasons for the Cubs and should hold it down until Kimbrel is ready and should make a nice 8-9 inning duo for the Cubbies. Overall, I don’t care unless Kimbrel fucks the Braves over.

I’m disappointed in Kimbrel not trying to go home to Atlanta who treated him like royalty, who NEEDED a closer, and who would’ve welcomed him with open arms and probably some chocolates. Keuchel now has a lot on his shoulders as I will be watching very closely and Keuchel knows the impact I have on the franchise. Unfortuantely, I’m sure he doesn’t care, but I DO. Let’s see how these guys pan out. I still don’t like Scott Boras. Thank you.

JD Sig


  1. I love the confidence you have in this newly rejuvenated Braves team! I think Keuchel will be worth his pay for sure, but I honestly think Kimbrel will be a much more dominant force in the NL. Not that I don’t have faith in what the Braves are capable of, I just think the Cubs are a proven championship contender with Kimbrel in the lineup.


    • Withoot a doot. The Cubs NEEDED a closer who you can count on and Kimbrel was a great choice. Automatically puts himself as one of the best closers in the NLZ


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