Game 6 Goes to the Bruins. Who Will Take Game 7 in Boston?


Well the Blues dominated the Bruins in game five. Not much more to say about it other than if you were a Bruins fan, you might have been pushing the panic button. Blues fans had a lot to look forward to with game six in their barn and the potential Stanley Cup within reach. Then, a newspaper company, the St. Louis Dispatch, came out with a congradulitory ad in the paper yesterday. Which, during my investigative hard hitting journalism, I found out was only available via “subscriber only e-edition” and that was where the St. Louis Dispatch thought they could pull a sneaky one on the rest of the world. IN A WORLD WITH INTERNET THEY THOUGHT THEY COULD GET AWAY WITH THIS.

This newspaper place does not realize what they have just done. Not only did they cost the Blues the Stanley Cup, but they just lost some “e-edition subscribers.” Imagine being a Blues fan and have a subscription to this newspaper. Would you back them up and keep subscribing after costing your team their first EVER Stanley Cup?! Doubt it! I would send the editor a strongly worded email/letter asking for a cease and desist ASAP Rocky. I know, seems very threatening, but I would do it! Someone has got too!

Anyways, Game six was beautiful game of hockey. Starting with Brad Marchand off of a five on three from an angle I didn’t think was possible to score on but somehow he put it top shelf in a beautiful first goal of the game. The rest of the first and second, the Blues were threatning with multiple penalties by the Bruins but the Bruins D stood strong until the third period when the puck was on the net for what felt like forever and even with a great “save” by Tuuka Rask, the puck had just crossed the line to put the Blues on the board. By who you ask? Who else would it be for the Blues other than Ryan O’ Reilly who has been absolutely the best player for both teams in this Stanley Cup Final. Dude is unstoppable and seems to always be in the right place at the right time. Fun to watch a two way center dominate on both ends like O’ Reilly is doing so far. The rest was history as the Bruins ended the game with a score of 5-1.

Tuuka Rask has been unbelievable during elimination games for the Bruins in the playoffs so far. The Bruins have faced five elimination games so far in this playoffs. What’s Tuukas save percentage you ask? He’s a normal 145/149 for a decent .973 save percentage. Fuckin’ nasty. Unreal. Another fun fact is after Karson Kuhlman (shout out to my boy Kevin Kuhlman holding it down in Boone, NC right now) scored last night, the Bruins tied an NHL record of unique goal scorers by one team in a playoff year with 21 different scorers. One last thing to look out for going into game seven is after David Pastrnak scored to make it 4-1, that goal was the first goal at even strength for the Bruins top line in this series.

This series has been something amazing to watch. If you haven’t tuned in to any of the games so far, shame on you but the boys gave you one last chance to watch some beautiful hockey and with a chance of history for the Blues. I’m not on anyone side here, but if I had to choose, let’s go BRUINS. Game seven will be back in Boston on Wednesday night. Thank you.

JD Sig



  1. SHOUTS OUT JUSTIN DISANTO LEGENDARY BASEBALL SAVANT AND SPORTS BLOGGER! I love that every time you post something I read it in your voice inside my head. Please keep writing man cuz I genuinely enjoy reading!


    • Hahaha thank you Kevin. Mucho gracias mi amigo. You know i appreciate youreading my friend! Hopefully i can keep entertaining


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