Bruins Come Out Hot In Game Three. Can They Repeat In Game Four Tonight?


Quick refresh of game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final to get everyone’s mind right on this beautiful Monday afternoon.

The Bruins needed game three to keep the momentum rolling in the opposing teams barn and that’s exactly what they did Saturday night. The first period was a beautiful thing to watch for Boston Bruin fans and a bit of a drag for Blues fans. Bruins were in total control since the time the puck dropped. Buzzin around the ice, having their presence felt throughout the whole period and to cap it off, out of the last four shots the Bruins took, three of them found the back of the net. That right there should be the tale telling sign of a team came out knowing what they needed to do.

Right where the 1st period left off, the Bruins made sure to let the Blues know that they were here to put this game out of reach sooner rather than later. 41 seconds into the 2nd period the Bruins did what they do best, found the back of the net off of their powerplay that was dreadful in game two. Of course, the Blues had to score as well and they did with some good aggressive hockey applying pressure and never letting the Bruins get comfortable for their first goal making the score 4-1. But, the Bruins were not going to let up on yet another powerplay, Torey Krug made sure to put this game out of reach with a goal to put the score 5-1. The end of the second period came with the Blues applying some pressure but nothing coming out of it.

The third period was more of the same hockey. Bruins taking total control while letting the Blues take one away making the score 5-2 and with that was the last time the score was that close as the Bruins went on to make the score final with a 7-2 victory.

If you’re a Bruins fan, that game was exactly what you needed to see from the boys to keep the Stanley Cup in reach as game four is once again in St. Louis as the Blues look for revenge after that scary game three. If they Bruins had gone down 2-1 away from Boston, who knows what could have happened or WOULD’VE happened coming into game four with the Blues on their home ice. Instead, we have ourselves an almost “must win” game for the Blues and a game that could potentially end the series if the Bruins take game four and take away any positive vibes coming from the Blues locker room.

Stay tuned for game four of the Stanley Cup Final tonight at 8PM est. Thank you for reading.

P.S. on a baseball note, what the fuck were the Padres doing yesterday? losing 9-3 to the fucking Marlins? You serious right now? Don’t you know that even though it’s a early June game ALL games matter? I do, unfortunately they don’t. I’m not mad, I’m highly disappointed and will never bet them again. Unreal.

JD Sig

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