Nickmercs Joins FaZe Clan


Shit is going down all throughout the eSports world at the moment and Nickmercs just added to the fire in a big way.  Little was known about Nicks relationship with 100 Thieves and Nadeshot over this past year but no one quite knew what was cooking up behind the scenes.  Nick signed with them last year and was apparently offered by Nadeshot a 5% ownership of 100 Thieves.  That promise never came to fruition.  Nick never made any of this public up until about a week ago.  He made the sudden announcement that he was moving on from the org and pursuing his own interests following a falling out with Thieves.  No one was aware of the specifics until Nick made his side of the story clear while live streaming a few days after.

All of this is happening while the whole Tfue/FaZe fiasco is going down might I remind you.  It is hard to keep track of all the story’s going down right now but these are some of the biggest players in the eSports world making big moves all at once.  Tfue has left FaZe which left the owner, Banks, in a strange spot.  He needed to rebound somehow and this was it.  Nick was not happy with 100 Thieves and had just left so Banks and the FaZe boys jumped on the opportunity.  According to Nick, they “took care of him”.  Whether that means a percentage of the org or a rewarding contract, we don’t know.  I assume they are taking little to none of his earnings though, or else Nick wouldn’t have signed.

Nickmercs has built a very respectable and hardcore fanbase with the MFAM, so he was set for the future with or without an org behind him.  But what this does is offer him a steady structure and team around him for what he has planned and i’m sure the money is there as well.  I think this was a good move for both parties and it sucks that Nadeshot let that relationship slip into something that can’t be fixed because he just lost one of his most followed personalities to the rival team in the matter of days.

Stay tuned for more developments because this story has just began.

Nick Sig

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