Lil’ Hockey Talk? Finals Tied 1-1 Between Bruins and Blues


Before I start to write this, I want to make a couple things clear. I’m a big hockey guy but I don’t know much of the technicality that goes with the sport.  I’m going to write it from my point of view, a fan who doesn’t really know a lot about the in’s and out’s exactly, but I think I have a good idea of what’s going on in the coolest sport besides baseball.

The Bruins took game one of the Finals on Monday and looked like the more dominant team during a 4-2 win. After being down 1-0 in the first period and 2-0 basically y the 21st minute of the game, the Bruins built off of their powerplay momentum at the end of the 1st period to come back and score two in the second. That’s when the Bruins really took control in the third and just like the second, were creating way more chances near the net than the Blues. You could sense the Blues feeling the pressure mounting at the end of the second and that’s when with 14:39 left Sean Kuraly put the Bruins ahead for good going up 3-2 and eventually ending up 4-2 with an open netter by Brad Marchand.

Game two, unfortunately, was a different story. The Blues looked like a totally different team and looked to dominate most of the game. Not at any point did I think the Bruins had any momentum like they did in game one. The Blues had 37 shots on goal opposed to the Bruins 23. Even with both teams coming out of the gates hot, the Bruins couldn’t generate really anything threatening on their powerplays, besides the first one of course, but the Blues capitalized in OT with 16:09 left on the clock to put it away for the FIRST ever Stanley Cup win. Congrats to those guys as they really did play great to deserve it.

I fucking love hockey. I never was really into when I was younger but I have always liked it and I have grown to appreciate the hell out of the sport as I have gotten older. I love the fast paced play and that no lead is safe. Ever. I think another aspect that makes me enjoy it so much, it’s the guys that play it. I started to listen to a podcast a few months ago on Barstool Sports (no free ads) called Spittin’ Chiclets” (no free ads) and getting to listen to some of the greats in the sport, to recent stars, all of the have been great people. There hasn’t been one dick head really except for Sean Avery, but I don’t even really have a problem with him because he is who he is and we have to accept everyone for who they are. Except murderers, rapists, and people who don’t pick up their dogs shit. We judge them.

The lightning are my team being from Tampa Bay but they really blew it in the first round and I don’t really want to get into that. But I’m going to try and write about the rest of the Finals and see if I can understand it just a little more so I can start to blog a little more about hockey. Shout out the Lightning and I don’t really care who wins the Finals. Unless there is some money on it…..

Stay tuned for game three Saturday night at 8 p.m in St. Louis. It’ll be a good one. Thank you for reading. Over.

JD Sig



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