Tfue Sues FaZe Clan


This situation is an anomaly because it has never happened before.  Never in the history of eSports.  No one has ever signed to an eSports org and then been immediately launched into super stardom and global recognition the way Turner “Tfue” Tenney has.  Tfue was averaging 100 viewers a stream when FaZe Banks picked him up and gave him the exposure and the credibility.  The FaZe Fortnite squad had just lost 72hrs and needed someone to fill that spot.  Banks came to the team captain Cloakzy and told him to scrim with this kid Tfue and see if there was any synergy.  Cloakzy and Tfue have a history in online competitive gaming, along with Ninja and a lot of the other top guys.  From the early days of H1Z1 and PUBG, they have been talking shit and consistently competing to be the best solo, duo or squad for a long time now.  Cloak didn’t want Tfue on the squad initially but gave Banks what he asked for and played some games with the Florida native, Turner.  Immediately they began to win, and win big.


Friday Fortnite was the biggest event in the eSports world for a number of months in 2018 before the online shooter developed it’s own competitive system and events for professional players to compete for money.  Keemstar hosted these tournaments because it was what the people wanted.  Tfue and Cloakzy only received a chance to compete because of their FaZe affiliation and Banks strong endorsement.  Then they won… and won again… and again.  The legendary duo of Tfue and Cloakzy was born and Turner went on to become the global superstar that he is today.


Now, when it comes to the Lawsuit against FaZe Clan, shit gets really complicated.  I believe he signed a three year deal in April of 2018 and then quickly outgrew that contract in the following year.  There are reports that claims renegotiations were in the talks but nothing was finalized.  Tfue was unsatisfied with the percentage he was giving to the FaZe Clan apparently and decided to get lawyers involved.  There were some clear bullshit claims in the lawsuit, including being pressured into moving to LA, drink underage and illegally gamble… Anyone in their right mind knows that that is clearly the lawyers talking and piling up as much information on the lawsuit to scare the FaZe org.

FaZe Banks, the founder of FaZe, has come out immediately to deny these claims and he has done it passionately and with a clear emotional pull to this situation.  Him and Tfue were boys over this past year and it seemed as if they were going to continue to take over the gaming world.  Banks has released the facts about the financials and the backstory as to where Tfue came from and how he grew so fast.  According to Banks, FaZe Clan has only collected $60k from Tfue over this past year and has not collected on any winnings or subscription money.  Now there is most definitely two sides to this story, and probably a lot more information that needs to be released but for now, it seems like Tfue’s lawyers straight up lied about some of these statements to put pressure of the organization so that Turner can be exonerated from him current contract.

The whole situation is a shit show and displays how complicated this business really can be.  Tfue has shown that he can perform and exceed at the highest level, but he clearly forgot where he came from and who gave him this opportunity in the first place.  He should be grateful for Banks and the FaZe Clan.   He should have talked to them face to face and come up with some sort of agreement behind the scenes and with privacy.  Now it is all over the internet for everyone to shout their two cents on the matter.

It will be very interesting to see where this goes and if Tfue can actually come out on top and maintain his fanbase, because so far the public opinion is clearly in the court of FaZe Clan.  The numbers so far support the org, and Tfue has yet to release any kind of statement to prove otherwise.

Stay tuned and be nice to each other.

Nick Sig

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