Kawhi Doin’ the Dirty


This man is an actual freak.  41 points and the final buzzer beater score for the win accounted for nearly 50% of the Raptors points in the game 7 victory over the Sixers.  This was a really fun game to watch.  It was back and forth for the entire 48 minutes and everyone knew it would come down to the last possession.  Kawhi knew this as well… as he took matters into his own hands.  I’ve seen my fair share of buzzer beaters, but a game 7 shot from the corner that bounces around for 5 seconds before going in was a spectacle that trumped a lot of moments in history.  The Klaw won this game single handedly and proved he is ready to be the face of a franchise.  We unfortunately have no LBJ in these playoffs but Kawhi is clearly the closest thing we have to that as this dual threat player handles business on both sides of the ball.

An absolute force on defense causes panic in whoever is being guarded by him and not to mention the absurd energy, speed and power he gives on the offensive side of the ball consistently throughout any series.  Averaging almost 38 minutes and nearly 32 points a game is strictly domination.  He is carrying this team to the place they have failed to reach in the recent past with DeRozan and Lowry as the leaders.  Kawhi is the captain now…

The Toronto Raptors have climbed the hill and will now face off against the Greek Freak and the Milwaukee Bucks.  I am fucking pumped for this series as they are in my opinion, the two most dominant teams in the East now that LeBron is no longer enforcing his presence onto the conference.  The Sixers will have their time, but this year is all about these two players coming together for one last battle before they head to the Finals.


Kawhi is a leader by action and has the city of Toronto on his back.  The same applies to Giannis and Milwaukee.  That is the draw to this series.  Two of the most talented dudes in the game right now battling to take on (most likely the Warriors) in the NBA Finals.  For the first time in 9 years, someone other than LeBron will be the focus of the East.

The Blazers and the Warriors tip off this Tuesday at 9 PM, followed by the meeting of the Klaw and the Greek Freak Wednesday at 8:30 PM.  I know I am not alone when I say it would be glorious to see one of these teams take down the Warriors and force KD to take his soft-ass to another city and meet up with possibly Kyrie or another super talent.

Thanks for reading and be nice to each other.

Nick Sig

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