GoT: The Battle for King’s Landing


Chaos.  Pure Chaos.  That is what ensued over the hour and a half Sunday night as we all sat down to experience the final events of the greatest story ever told on screen.  With one episode left, the war is “over” and Cersei is dead.  I think.  With this conclusion, comes more questions of course.  Episode 5 most certainly did not disappoint as it was a spectacle to see Dany finally transform into the Mad Queen, which has been foreshadowed many many times over the last 8 seasons.  It came to a surprise to some, which I find hilarious considering all of the obvious moments in which Dany was slipping and falling deeper into her Targaryen ways.  She lost everyone that was close to her, including 2 of her 3 dragons and most of her advisors.  She lost her claim to the throne and her best friend.  That is what they call the perfect recipe on her way to becoming the Mad Queen.

We begin with the treason attempt by Varys to make it known to the people that Jon Snow is the rightful heir to the throne.  He is smart enough to know that this will be the end of him but it is too late for anything too clever considering the circumstances.  I thought this was a good way for him to go out and gave us a deeper look into Dany’s head space as she burned him alive with dragon fire.

So… Dany is pissed, Jon is confused and Tyrion is in too deep.  Cersei thinks she has the plan and the army to win the war but that thought is quickly turned into a shit show as the Lannister army and Golden Company is obliterated by Drogon, the Unsullied and the Dothraki.  The whole sequence where everyone is waiting quietly for someone to make a  move was amazing.  Euron and the Iron Fleet are awaiting the inevitable as he looks up into the sky to see Drogon descending into what will be the end of the Iron Fleet and walls of King’s Landing.  Dany makes a mockery of the defense and literally blows the ships to hell and creates an entrance into the city while burning the Golden Company alive.


This is where things got interesting.  Jon leads his troops into the city and the bell to surrender eventually rings.  But that doesn’t stop the Mad Queen.  The rage is too much for her to handle and she takes it out on King’s Landing.  Once the Unsullied and Dothraki see Dany tearing apart the streets with dragon fire, they take the hint and begin to slaughter the enemy troops shortly after they surrendered and put down their weapons.  As I said… pure chaos.


Jon can no longer control the situation and impose his values onto his army as Dany set the tone too quickly.  Cersei begins to see that this is a monster she can’t control either.  She never thought Dany would kill innocents and burn the city to a crisp.  Seeing the moment creep into her eyes and her face was really powerful and she slowly looses faith throughout the episode.

Then of course, we have the Clegane Bowl… Holy shit was this epic. It was what we all wanted.  The battle of the brothers.  The Hound and The Mountain coming face to face.  It has been a mystery as to what The Mountain actually looks like now that he is basically Frankenstein’s Monster.  Well now we know… and it is horrifying… and badass.  This fight was everything I wanted it to be and more.  The Double D’s knew this had to go down and boy did it ever.  The visuals were powerful, apocalyptic and extremely well done.  The Hound knew his brother was a monster but after stabbing him more than once with no luck in defeating him, he realized he would’t be able to best him.  Right when you thought The Mountain was going to end his life, Sandor took shit into his own hands and took both of them out… by fire nonetheless.  An epic ending for epic characters.  Bravo.


Jamie and Euron was a face off that we weren’t expecting but god damnit that was a great scene.  Jamie pursuing Cersei while Euron crawls ashore following the demise of his Iron Fleet with nothing to loose.  The recipe for a great fight, and a great fight it was.  It was brutal, disgusting and glorious all at the same time.  Jamie somehow survived the two dagger wounds to the side,  but he has always been a tough fucker so I guess it makes sense.  I love the way Euron handles his own death as it was totally in his character’s interest to make light out of the situation by claiming he will be known as the man to kill the Kingslayer.  He had a smile on his face as Jamie ran a sword through his chest and that is a perfect ending for the character.

Chaos is everywhere and Arya was in the middle of it.  Sandor convinced her to save her own life and get the fuck out of the city while he went on to his timely death.  So now we have Arya making her way through King’s Landing while Dany is having a field day burning everything in sight.  This was a great perspective and I can see exactly why the Double D’s thought this was appropriate for the telling of the story.  We have a lot invested in Arya and to see her struggle to stay alive among the destruction was really emotional for us, the audience.  It also sets up Arya in the next episode to give first hand account of just how awful the things Dany did truly was.  Arya witnessed the death of thousands of innocents and I believe that will be the deciding factor in her rebellion against Dany in the final episode.


Arya was told she would close blue eyes, brown eyes and green eyes forever… Now that Cersei’s green eyes are shut and Arya didn’t deliver the final blow, who else has green eyes?  Oh yeah, Dany… Just saying.

Overall, this was one of the most impressive and best episodes of the entire series.  It was truly a movie experience as they pulled off things no other show ever has.  The spectacle alone is enough to be excited about, but the character’s stories is what really brings it all together.  That is why it is the greatest story ever told.

The series finale for Game of Thrones airs next Sunday at 9.  Here is the promo for episode 6.  Are you ready?

Nick Sig

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