Fly Times Vol: 1


Wiz dropped off a new tape on 4/20 and it was somewhat of a surprise as he only let his fan base know a few weeks ahead of time.  Fresh off the success of 2009 with Curren$y, Fly Times is a really solid project with a consistent vibe throughout.  The new young gun of Taylor Gang, Young Deji is featured on 6 of the 14 songs which is dope, but he doesn’t strike me as the next big thing.  The kid is talented and has a good voice but the songs with him on it would have been much better if Wiz handled the hooks.

The tape overall though, is really fucking good.  It opens up with a great track “Real As You Think” which features Spitta and Problem and then flows into arguably the best song on the tape “Taylor”.  Following that is a steady showcase of smooth but hard hitting beats that Wiz does his usual thing on like “Big Pride”, which is also one of my favorites on the album/mixtape.

Here is the official video for “Taylor” along with a few of the songs that I feel best represents the project as a whole.

Be nice to each other.

Nick Sig

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